PostHeaderIcon 5 Months of Gotcha!

May 26th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

My how time flies!

Today marks five months since I took a two-hour road trip that turned out to be three hours because I got lost!

And came home with Christopher!

He’s been a joy! And he’s back to sleeping on my lap like he did when I first became his “cat” mom.

That had stopped for a time, after 12 of his teeth had to be removed (because of that hard street life he endured before we met up).

Christopher does still have a bit of trouble sleeping in the bed all night, though; sometimes because of Phillip and other times I think it’s because he’s still doing some heavy dreaming when he sleeps; it shakes him around enough that he ends up falling out of bed!

Yours to another five months and many more with Christopher and Phillip,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Phillip has also now been with me for five months (May 20).

PostHeaderIcon Billy, Forever

May 15th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey


Today, on the second week anniversary (Friday, May 1) of saying good-bye to Billy as he went to the Rainbow Bridge, we received a very special email from Ann Adamus, Zoolatry.

This very talented and generous lady had just learned about Billy and had created the above ^^^ remembrance for us. (I’ll be adding it to the sidebar shortly >>>.)

We love it and we know Billy would, too. (As would Chuck and Billy’s brothers, who also went before!)

Yours in thanking kitties for their love and for the memories,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Thank you, also, to all of you who’ve stopped by with your “purrs”, and words of support.

PostHeaderIcon And then there were none!

May 1st, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

Billy-baby2This afternoon, once again, it was necessary to be with one of my beloved kitties (Billy) as he went to the Rainbow Bridge!

It almost came out of nowhere. I knew he hadn’t been feeling like himself off and on for about the last month but I kept putting off taking him to the Vet, in hopes his moping would work its way out.

Since yesterday/Thursday again seemed like an off day for him, I made an appointment for him at the Vet’s. (I had had him in two weeks ago for his rabies shot and a “quick once over“.) At yesterday’s visit, we learned that Billy had lost one pound! in two weeks.

GE DIGITAL CAMERABlood work did not show anything out of the ordinary but the Vet was concerned about Billy’s quick weight loss – and that much!

The Vet also discovered that Billy had a clogged salivary gland, although that would not necessarily cause him to lose weight like he had. He’d also had 30% kidney function for a year or so. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon National Pet Day

April 11th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

If you caught this week’s Mews Nooz, you know I shared some tried and tested cleaning tips from Debra Johnson, home cleaning expert for Merry Maids for today’s National Pet Day. With these, Debra says, “all pet owners can celebrate the incredible animal companions in their lives, worry free!

And so here are three other tips that were not included in today’s issue of Mews Nooz:

Organize your pet supplies

• Designate a place near the door where you will keep items needed when walking your dog. This would include things like leashes, pick up bags and cloths to wipe wet or muddy paws before coming indoors.

• Store food in smaller, more manageable containers, and stash the larger bags elsewhere.

Keep food area tidy

• Place a mat underneath food and water bowls to catch any overflow as well as to keep bowls stationary when dog/cat is eating.

Don’t forget your pet’s bed!

• Keep your pet’s bedding clean and fresh, and you’ll help cut down on the amount of stray hairs elsewhere as well as keeping your pet healthy. Vacuum the bed often, even those that are washable.

Yours in celebrating National Pet Day,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon A Year Ago Today

April 11th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

Today, marks one year since our beloved 16 year old Jonny Cat went off to the Rainbow Bridge.


He was such a good little guy and handled a lot of challenges throughout his life.

Yours in missing Jonny,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon Happy Easter

April 4th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

Happy Easter 4.5.2015 (2)

Yours in sharing Easter with The Boys,

and “The Boys”

Easter graphic: Ann, Zoolatry

PostHeaderIcon Gotcha Day A Day Late

March 27th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

christopher-008-3-27-2015-smYesterday, March 26, 2015 was Christopher’s “three month Gotcha Day”! And while I remembered it, I neglected to share our news with you.

So here we are now. >>>

This is a photo of Christopher that I took this morning. His eye is almost all better now and he’s getting along pretty well from his 12-teeth removal dental work.

He’s also gained a couple of pounds so he’s not wanting for food.

Yours in Gotcha Days,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon Dr. Suess Day Today

March 2nd, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

The “NuBoys” are now getting in on all kinds of new stuff in the two months since they joined Billy and me. One new thing, in particular, is celebrating Dr. Suess Day.

DrSeussDay 3.2.2015 (2)

Yours in your celebrating Dr. Seuss,

and “The Boys”

P.S. And thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for the Dr. Suess graphic. Ann rocks!

PostHeaderIcon Two Months

February 20th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday marks two months since Phillip joined our furmily.

Earlier this week, he and Christopher were engaging in some really serious “acting out” behavior.

Fortunately, no lives or limbs were lost, although Phillip did come up short some of his furs!

Often there are tufts of fur on the carpet in the living room or bedroom. Most likely an indication Phillip and Christopher were showing their mettle!

It also didn’t take long for Phillip to learn how to get me to do his bidding!

Yours in your kitties mellowing out,

and “The Boys”

P.S. To pass the long winter days, Phillip and Christopher both sometimes like to chase around the house with the SkitterCritter catnip mouse toy. Maybe you can pacify your kitty with one, too.

PostHeaderIcon What a difference a month makes

January 20th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday (if you go by dates) is one month since Phillip’s “Gotcha Day”. (On the other hand if you’re counting weeks, it’s actually a little more than a month.)

Nevertheless, I wanted to share some progress where he is concerned.

We think the biggest breakthrough is that Phillip NO LONGER hides under the couch in the living room. He is also less spooked!

He is sleeping on the spare bed at night where before he would get under it. Phillip is welcome to sleep with me but, alas, Christopher seems to have a corner on the bed property! Although Phillip has recently ventured onto the bed with me (and Christopher) for as long as 10 minutes. (Since Phillip was here first, he had choice spot on the bed at night with me but when Christopher came along he took over the bed. Sometimes even I’m vying for a spot!)

We do have lots of “bonding” time where Phillip will sit on my lap (as much as he can as he’s really huge and hangs over it a bit). He’s even gotten so when he’s on the floor stretched out he’ll show his tummy floof! And glorious floof it is!

Sometimes I’ll hear thumping and what sounds like pounding going on upstairs. When I go to investigate, I discover Phillip playing with one of the catnip toys. Or he’s jumping in and out of the bathtub!

Of course, there are still the hisses and swats; some of that may be because he and Christopher are staking territory. I do continue to be concerned about their claws, especially if either of them gets the evil eye around Billy.

All in all, we think we’re a match made in Heaven and we’re keeping us all!

Yours in Phillip settling in,

and “The Boys”

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