PostHeaderIcon Gotcha Day A Day Late

March 27th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

christopher-008-3-27-2015-smYesterday, March 26, 2015 was Christopher’s “three month Gotcha Day”! And while I remembered it, I neglected to share our news with you.

So here we are now. >>>

This is a photo of Christopher that I took this morning. His eye is almost all better now and he’s getting along pretty well from his 12-teeth removal dental work.

He’s also gained a couple of pounds so he’s not wanting for food.

Yours in Gotcha Days,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon Dr. Suess Day Today

March 2nd, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

The “NuBoys” are now getting in on all kinds of new stuff in the two months since they joined Billy and me. One new thing, in particular, is celebrating Dr. Suess Day.

DrSeussDay 3.2.2015 (2)

Yours in your celebrating Dr. Seuss,

and “The Boys”

P.S. And thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for the Dr. Suess graphic. Ann rocks!

PostHeaderIcon Two Months

February 20th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday marks two months since Phillip joined our furmily.

Earlier this week, he and Christopher were engaging in some really serious “acting out” behavior.

Fortunately, no lives or limbs were lost, although Phillip did come up short some of his furs!

Often there are tufts of fur on the carpet in the living room or bedroom. Most likely an indication Phillip and Christopher were showing their mettle!

It also didn’t take long for Phillip to learn how to get me to do his bidding!

Yours in your kitties mellowing out,

and “The Boys”

P.S. To pass the long winter days, Phillip and Christopher both sometimes like to chase around the house with the SkitterCritter catnip mouse toy. Maybe you can pacify your kitty with one, too.

PostHeaderIcon What a difference a month makes

January 20th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday (if you go by dates) is one month since Phillip’s “Gotcha Day”. (On the other hand if you’re counting weeks, it’s actually a little more than a month.)

Nevertheless, I wanted to share some progress where he is concerned.

We think the biggest breakthrough is that Phillip NO LONGER hides under the couch in the living room. He is also less spooked!

He is sleeping on the spare bed at night where before he would get under it. Phillip is welcome to sleep with me but, alas, Christopher seems to have a corner on the bed property! Although Phillip has recently ventured onto the bed with me (and Christopher) for as long as 10 minutes. (Since Phillip was here first, he had choice spot on the bed at night with me but when Christopher came along he took over the bed. Sometimes even I’m vying for a spot!)

We do have lots of “bonding” time where Phillip will sit on my lap (as much as he can as he’s really huge and hangs over it a bit). He’s even gotten so when he’s on the floor stretched out he’ll show his tummy floof! And glorious floof it is!

Sometimes I’ll hear thumping and what sounds like pounding going on upstairs. When I go to investigate, I discover Phillip playing with one of the catnip toys. Or he’s jumping in and out of the bathtub!

Of course, there are still the hisses and swats; some of that may be because he and Christopher are staking territory. I do continue to be concerned about their claws, especially if either of them gets the evil eye around Billy.

All in all, we think we’re a match made in Heaven and we’re keeping us all!

Yours in Phillip settling in,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon Cats deign to Design

January 7th, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

Right around Christmas, I received an email from Sneha at Terry’s Fabrics. She shared an infographic that she had made which looks at “What would happen if you let a cat design your home”.

While “The Boys” are least likely to do any fancy designs like these, we’re thinking they may like the opportunity to at least give it a try.

What if you let a cat design your home by Terrys Fabrics

What about your kitty?

Yours in turning your kitty loose with your swatches,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon We Just Couldn’t Help It!

January 3rd, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey

In last week’s issue of Mewz Nooz and here at Kittens ‘n Things, I mentioned I had my eye on “another 4-pawer” that I was going to go look at on December 27th. Well, I did more than look; I brought him home! (Because of bad weather predictions for the 27th, “I went to look” on the 26th instead.)

.lucien with hair

His name is Matthew. (The Shelter named him “Lucien”, but since I thought that name sounded too much like a girl’s I decided a change was in order.)

From what I understand from the Shelter/Rescue people, his story was a little bit more tragic than Phillip’s. Matthew was found wandering the street, his fur all matted and dirty, he had an infected eye and walked like his “back end” may have been hit by a car at one time or other.

In fact, when he walks or runs and jumps, he will fall down (somewhat like those myotonic/fainting goats). But, unfazed, he’ll get right back up and keep going. He’s also been known to “trip up the steps”. The Shelter people figure he is about 8 or 9 years old; he weighs close to 10 pounds.

He was thisclose to being put in the Kill Shelter. The rescue lady who found him is also a foster care refuge home for animals. She told me she felt that Matthew had the sweetest disposition and that under all that physical ickiness was a little kitty that needed to have a chance for someone to love him, at least for a few more years. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Happy New Year One and All!

January 1st, 2015 Author: Karen McGreevey


We’re celebrating with our bestest furriends!


Yours in celebrating the New Year with new kitties,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon Merry Catsmas!

December 25th, 2014 Author: Karen McGreevey

Merry Catsmas from our house to yours!


We hope Santa Paws got you all the purresents on your list – and then some.

Yours in making things bright with a kitty,

and “The Boys”

Merry Christmas Graphic source: Catblogosphere

PostHeaderIcon Billy and Mom Karen proudly announce

December 22nd, 2014 Author: Karen McGreevey

Phillip-ARLIt sure didn’t take us long to “start filling up the holes” left by Jonny and more recently Mikey. Although we all know they will never be replaced entirely.

That said, Billy and I proudly present: Phillip!

Age: 6 years, 4 weeks
Gotcha Day: Saturday, December 20, 2014
Weight: A ton (actually, it’s 13.5 lbs.) He makes two of Billy, and is the largest kitty we have ever had in our whole lives. Seriously!
Length: Who knows? But I’d guess 25 inches.
Meow: Yes, but barely. It’s a very faint, tiny one; sounds almost like a kitten.
Breed: He’s listed at the Shelter as a Domestic Long Hair; someone I know suggested he might be a Main Coon. (If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.)

We’re all slowly settling in.

Tummy: Oh, yes! Sunday, he was comfortable enough that he rolled onto his side and let me see all the floof on his tummy!

I got him from the Animal Rescue League Shelter in Des Moines (a 2 hour drive from us). Because she was in ill-health, he was surrendered to the Shelter by his previous owner November 22, 2014, and put up for adoption November 23, 2014. (Mikey went to the Rainbow Bridge November 24, 2014.)

This photo is from the website at the Animal Rescue League Shelter; it was also on

I’ll take pictures later. Right now, though, I’m trying not to spook him too much as he was somewhat skittish (noises) when I got him. Frankly, the Shelter spooked me a bit, too.

Lots of commotion going on that day, as in addition to sales on pet adoptions, they were having a “Spa Day for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs”. Droves of parents and kids were coming in for the special prices.

And this Shelter is so big and has much more traffic compared to our shelter.

Note: There may also be another 4-pawer joining us in about a week. He’s at a different shelter so if weather holds I’m going to go meet him next weekend (as in December 27.)

Yours in sharing the love again,

and “The Boys”

PostHeaderIcon Merry Christmas from Hunter and Family

December 16th, 2014 Author: Karen McGreevey

We don’t usually talk woofies, but this cutie, Hunter, and his Family have the perfect message for us all at this time of year.

Hunters 2014 Ecard Sidebar Size

To visit HUNTER at his blog, click here. And for the Holidays, you can send an Ecard to HUNTER at

Yours in sharing Christmas wishes with our furriends,

and “The Boys”

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