In another life, you may call him a “camel!”

Instead, he’s sitting there looking like a kitty–in front of his water dish–when you walk past the room where you keep the dish of water.

Staring the water in the eye!

So you fill up his dish with fresh water, and he watches you walk away.

You go back later and there he is again! And again and again!


And each time, you load up the dish with water!

Sooner or later, it’s time to have a serious discussion with kitty about his “drinking habits.”

In fact, better yet, it may be time to consult with the vet–via telephone, or perhaps more appropriately, through a cat physical examination.

It’s not normal for kitty to have a never-ending thirst; so, this means much like you, kitty could be experiencing some health issues.

But first, rule out such things as:

• Dry air
Though dry air is not exactly a malady to threaten kitty’s health, it could cause kitty to have to drink more water than usual. With furnaces running, houses are often drier inside, and kitty might experience the need to drink more. This can also hold true in summer when the outside air is dry.

• Food related
Although not a usual ailment, your kitty may be drinking more water than usual because you’ve changed his food. Perhaps there’s more salt or sodium in the food. And if you’ve been feeding kitty with your food, he may be extra thirsty because of food choices of your food for him.

Since this article in its entirety is a bit lengthy, it will be continued over the next two days.

Yours in taking care of your kitty,

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Video source: Bellagattacat @ YouTube