Monday, I started a “three part” blog post series on the “water drinking habits of cats,” otherwise known as the “Cat Water Hog.”

Because my original article was somewhat lengthy, I divided it into three parts and have posted each part on three separate days.

Here then is Part 2:

If your kitty or cat drinks excessively, perhaps it might be:

• Age related
Kitty may have some benign ailment associated with advancing age. Of course, if your kitty is still a “kitty,” an age-related issue could be ruled out quickly by your vet.

Or because of:

• Medication
At the off-chance kitty is taking medication for some reason, he may just be experiencing “dry mouth” caused by the medication. Which in turn may cause him to be more inclined with the need to slobber around in his water.

Or maybe, kitty has:

• Diabetes
Has kitty lost weight in a short amount of time? A cat that spends his days in front of the water dish drinking water may subtly be giving you the message he could have the beginnings of, or a full-blown case of, diabetes.

So, tomorrow, I’ll post the third and final part of this series, on the possible causes of the “water drinking habits of cats.”

Yours in monitoring your kitty’s drinks,

P.S. Perhaps Cat Hairballs: The Dirty Little Secret. might also interest you.

Video source: YouTube