This is the final of our three-part series on why kitty might be inclined to drink a whole lot of water!

If you missed any, you can catch up with part 1 and part 2.

As indicated in the other discussions, there are quite a few reasons why your kitty might have an increase in his water intake.

Those reasons might include but not be limited to:

• Kidney problems
Problems with kidneys, as in kidney disease, can also cause kitty to hit the “drinking fountain” more than usual.

• Liver disease
The more you’re around your kitty the more you may realize he often has some of the same health concerns that you do. Which means, in some instances, your kitty could have liver disease that could cause him to spend his days and nights in front of the water dish.

While many of these issues may pose a serious health issue for kitty for an extended period of time if he is not diagnosed quickly and properly, and because none of these ailments can be determined by just looking at your kitty, your best course would be to get kitty to the vet as quickly as possible.

Once there, a blood test and other tests, will likely determine the course of action for you to take to get kitty back to his usual playful self.

As your kitty’s keeper, it’s up to you to keep him well so he can live a long life of giving you a lot of purrs and kitty love!

Yours in keeping tabs on kitty’s health,

P.S. This post concludes our three part series on the “cat water hog!” Thank you for stopping by. We’ve read all your comments and suggestions for taking care of kitty. We also appreciated your thoughts.