To all our new “furriends” and their beans, we wanted to share…

Today is a very special day…it’s our “baby’s” birthday; Bowie is 13!

It seems just like yesterday we were on our way home from getting him after meeting the lady who had him.

Actually, his story is a little different from that of his “brothers.”

When we decided we wanted to get Persians, we found a breeder in Minnesota. (We live in northern Iowa.) Then over a couple of months, we got five kitties from her; Jonny, Mikey and Daniel, and then Billy and Cody.

We were satisfied; didn’t need, didn’t want “no more” cats!

About six months after we had all five, Peggy, the breeder called us and asked if we’d like another kitty. Oh man!

Come to find out, Peggy had sold him/Bowie to a lady who had him for a month or so. But the lady decided she couldn’t keep Bowie because her other cat couldn’t get adjusted to him.

Peggy knew we’d be a good home, so we were her first and “last” choice!

Because we went to see him, and…we brought him home at the same time!

Yours to many more happy birthdays, Bowie,