I read an article in the paper this week about a “woofie” that had died because his owner had left him unattended in a hot car for hours.

Apparently, according to the owner, the dog liked to ride in the car and would often get into the car and not want to get out. Even long after the trip was over!

It got me to thinking about our “Boys”–and even the little fur friends of any of us–now that it’s starting to get hot around here. We had 92 on Monday–which in some areas is considered quite cool–but for us it was such a drastic change. Particularly, since one day we had 50 the next day 92!

“The Boys” love to be on our front porch.

But we do have to watch them because if we don’t once they get on the porch, they will be content to be out there all day–or until a stranger someone comes to the door.

And being out there with all the windows and screens and an afternoon west sun, and all their Persian hair can make for a very hot porch–even if the windows are open!

So I check on the guys about every 5-8-10 minutes.

And in between, we do leave the front door into the house open enough so they can just come in if they got the notion before I got to them.

We are also not above telling them “no” they can’t go out! Not that they listen that much, though.

Yours in keeping your kitties cool and safe in summer,

and “The Boys”

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