In case you didn’t get our last week’s issue of “The Cat’s Meow,” I’m repeating some news about a fun new product we thought you’d might like…

“The Boys,” our “Cat ‘Seen’ Investigators” (CSI), like to nose around the Internet for really cool toys or new kitty litter, and other stuff of interest to all their kitty friends.

And if you’re reading this, you are a “kitty friend!”

Here’s what found us when we opened our email box; an email from Molly Meow. They make Molly Meow eco-friendly cat duvets and beds!

According to their marketing campaign, “Molly Meow is a line of durable yet easy to wash cat bed duvets and kits that just launched – a new approach to keeping textiles out of our landfills.

Molly Meow’s revolutionary duvet and “stuff sack” make creating and maintaining a stylish, comfortable and clean pet bed easier – and much more environmentally-friendly and less costly – than ever before.

With Molly Meow products, cat owners can simply re-cover their pet’s favorite bed with our stylish yet easy-to-wash duvets. Additionally, with our mesh stuff sack, Molly Meow made it as simple as filling the sacks with old clothes and bedding laying around the house!

Molly Meow duvets and stuff sacks are available in either a round or square bed and come with a matching “cat nip bag”, a small zippered bag that matches the pattern of the duvet.”

“The Boys” are really loving these duvets; enough so they want them on their birthday list. And, if you know some little “furrball” who might find these duvets and beds of interest, feel free to send them here for a look! Our links to Molly Meow are not affiliate links.

“The Boys” give Molly Meow paws up!

“Paws” art compliments of Cat Clip Art