When we got Snowflake (who was in our “first kitty family”), she came to us from a barn on a farm–so she brought fleas and a few other critters with her that we needed to rid her of.

So we learned early-on that bath-times may be a bit challenging!

Since cats are not big fans of water, they might display ungrateful, to your way of thinking, behavior, such as fighting, clawing, scratching, hissing, and a strong will to hang on for dear life when you’re trying to lower kitty to the water.

In fact, some kitties will make an almighty noise as they struggle to get away. Just the right activity designed to keep you from adding shampoo or from rinsing out what’s already there.

You kitty’s “unusual behavior” comes because he’s afraid; he does not understand what is happening, so he thinks, “No way; get me outta here!”

You can help make the bath a calm and simple affair for kitty, by preparing his bath before you go to find kitty.

Lay all the things you’ll need (like shampoo, a comb, a towel) within easy reach of the bath. Then, and only then, go look for kitty.

But just be prepared. Because if he hears the water running, you may not be able to find him for a very long time!

Once you have your cat, put him in the water, make soothing “hushing” noises, like whispering “sweet nothings” in his ear. If kitty scratches you, do keep as calm as you can and, if necessary, bite your tongue!

Try to think like kitty, and how scary it would be for you if someone suddenly threw you into a big tub of water for no apparent reason!

And the calmer you remain, the more likely it is your cat will also remain calm.

Bathe your kitty as quickly as possible, move efficiently from step to step and–most importantly–keep your cool.

Yours in soothing and peaceful bathing routines,

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Photo source: ICanHasCheesburger–Lolcats