If you’ve been coming here regularly, you know for the last funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-you three days we’ve been discussing some tips you might use to manage your cat litter box. In case you want to refer back to them, you can find them here, here and here.

And now here’s #4.

4. Take kitty out of the box
When you’re cleaning the box, you will notice you have a helper who may or may not add to your box cleaning experience. So much so, you may have to take kitty out of the litter box a number of times.

Use a covered litter box
Kitties, too, like privacy when they do Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses
their bathroom duties so you might want to consider a kitty box with a lid/cover. Such a box does make it a bit cumbersome to clean, but it does help to give kitty some privacy.

In addition, some such boxes come with a filter area with a place where you can add a filter pad, which helps to mask or get rid of some of the odor. This also helps to keep the air around the box fresher.

If you do use a covered litter box, however, be sure to get one that’s large enough to give kitty enough room to move around in in order to get his business done without leaving some of “his business” on his back-end. (Experienced teacher here!)

We’ll finish up this series with Tip #5 tomorrow. So stop back here to get the end of the story!

Yours in choosing cat litter boxes,


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Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger and Lolcats.
Photo source: Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses