If you’ve been following our posts here the last few days, you know we’ve been “talking about” some of the things your kitty needs in order for her to grow “big and tall” (well, maybe not so tall) and develop into a really well-adjusted healthy and happy kitty!

Aside from any “yummy vittles” they might get and the “toys and things” they learn to toss around, they also need to look good!

This means, your kitty ought to have a bit of regular grooming time.

Now grooming to one might be something else to another, but in general, kitty needs to “feel pampered.”

Think of how good you felt the last time you had your nails done or went to a masseuse. Well, your kitty will radiate a good feeling, too, and give you back the love.

When a kitty has long-hair, make it a point to comb the hair daily. Some will even suggest that kitty gets a bath from time to time.

When your kitty has short-hair, it’s easier to see whether she has fleas or other parasites. So the combing and bathing do help you see those so you can quickly remove them from your kitty as well as your your belongings and carpets.

If you can manage it, regular tooth brushing for your kitty is also a good practice for your kitty’s hygiene routine.

Yours in keeping your kitty in good health,