Bowie gave us a bit of a scare this morning, and he may have given himself one, too.

He’s our “asthma kid”!”

About 6 o’clock this morning (luckily, we were up), he started making some funny noises. It turns out he was trying to get sick to his stomach. In the process, it stressed him out and he began having trouble breathing!

We do keep two kinds of inhaler on hand for him, and we have medication to give him a shot, if he really gets into distress.

Poor little guy, was breathing heavily through his mouth. Then he was breathing short pants. When the inhalers didn’t work, we gave him a shot. It takes about 30 minutes for the shot to work; however, when we didn’t notice any difference in his breathing after 20 minutes, we called the vet (woke her up). Who said we could give him one more shot, which we did!

And that did the ticket! Shortly after that second shot (like maybe 10 minutes), Bowie began to breathe regularly.

And now, he’s just back to being “Bowie”. Eating, and he just finished cleaning his face and paws!

Yours in close calls,

and “The Boys”

P.S. We hope you are having a lazy Saturday. We’ll be watching Bowie.

P.P.S. The vet did call about two hours later to see how Bowie was getting along.