My how time flies,” as they say.

Today, May 7, is one whole year since our little Bowie unexpectedly passed away.

3/23/1998 – 5/7/2011

Of course, I remember him fondly, and some days “not so fondly” as he could at times be the terror of all terrors! But then we loved him all the more.

He came to us from the same breeder who had the rest of our kitty lovers; only his story was a tiny bit different. In his very short life (8 weeks when we got him–which was really a little early to leave the momma), he had already been in another home. Not counting the breeder’s.

Bowie was the grandson of the father of “The Boys”‘; they (Jonny, Mikey, Daniel, Cody and Billy) all had the same father and different mothers. Well, Mikey and Daniel were “twins” so they had the same mother.

He came to us about 6 months after the other five were already pretty well “established” in our home. He first had been sent to live with a woman who already had a cat and a dog. As we learned, apparently since he was the “new ‘kit’ on the block” the others were not too happy with the new boarder!

So that lady gave him back to the breeder, who then contacted us to see if we would be interested in giving him a home.

We were and we did!

We also came to learn that he was a “sick little thing”; having developed breathing problems (which seemed like “out of the blue” about 2 months after we got him. So he had daily “puffs” of Advair and Pro-Air to help him breathe. And many years later, the Vet discovered a mass in his abdomen that by then was too large and too late to do anything about.

We all loved him “this big” and shared lots of joy throughout his 13 years!

Yours in missing you, Bowie,

and “The Boys”