That’s Mikey; “Monster” Extraordinaire!

This “wild child kitty” has been giving us all grief this morning. Running and jumping and chasing and ducking down hidey holes.

I think he’s got a bit too much energy to burn!

He even wanted out on the front porch so, he thought, he could watch the latest in bird TV. (They are nowhere in sight; they’re tucked in warm somewhere!)

Although I knew it was way too cold for Mikey to go out there, I opened the door and out he went. He “took a turn around” the inside of the porch, almost going up to the outside door, lifted up his front paw ’cause it got cold, and then scurried back in.

Even though the sun is out, we did have 3 degrees below zero last night and it has not yet warmed up all that much.

And so Mikey is now rethinking that going outside on the porch thing, as he’s finally settling down to take a nap…bath comes first, though!

Yours in taming the monsters,

and “The Boys”

P.S. I think I ought to send Mikey off to Amazon to see if he can find some new toys to play with. He needs a diversion of some sort.