Hardly! It’s Mikey people!

He “broke down” the “baby gate” to get to become a juvenile delinquent! Okay, that’s somewhat extreme. Or rather, you decide.

We do not have a door leading from our kitchen to the basement, so we have used one (flattened) end of a very large box to cover the doorway–halfway up the door opening.

It’s our “baby gate”, fashioned to keep “The Boys” from getting to the basement. We also put something heavy by the gate to keep the cardboard in place.

When it’s done right, it works.

Friday, after running several errands, I walked in the back door and just happened to look down the steps to the basement.

There was Mikey (Mr. Innocence himself) at the bottom of the steps looking up and me looking at him! He had a bit of a spider web hanging from his whiskers.

Only he knows how long he had been down there. Or what he had gotten into.

The “baby gate” clearly wasn’t closed, as I could then see, as I had definitely neglected to put the “weight” in front of the cardboard to keep it in place.

Bet you know the moral of this story!

Yours in escaping kitties,
and “The Boys”

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