cat-pill2If you’re a regular reader of Mews Nooz, you know that in the October 5 issue and again in yesterday’s blog post, I started a series of “mini-tips” (to be published here over five days) with “food for thought” to help you decide whether to call the vet for your kitty.

Today, here are a couple of tips about “the gums” and “mopey cat”.

Color of your gums

Sometimes when you feel blue or have lost energy, you dig out the mirror, lift up your upper lip or pull down your lower eyelid to study the membranes. Oftentimes, a pale pink signifies that you ought to be concerned with your state of health and contact your doctor. Likewise, the color of your kitty’s gums, whether it’s pale, white, blue or yellow warrants a call to your vet.

Blood refill

Naw, I’m not talking about getting transfusions here, however I am referring to a situation where you could check to see if your “mopy cat” might need a trip to the vet. Especially if his gums are in a pale state.

For this check, if you can get her mouth open, push on the gums for a second then let go. If the gum color returns in 1 to 2 seconds, your kitty is most likely okay. However, if that gum color takes less than a second or more than 3 seconds to reach normal state, contact your vet.

I’ll have another tip in a day or so.

Yours in your kitty’s best interest,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Stefanie Schwartz shares her insight in this guide: First Aid for Cats: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

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Note: These tips are for your consideration. If at any time you think something is out of the ordinary health-wise for your kitty, your veterinarian is just a telephone call away.