depressed-kitty_smI don’t know about you, but sometimes when it’s cloudy or rainy or snowy or even somewhat cold, I can get a little bit down in the dumps!

And as you and I know, kitty can have some “down” days as well.

The difference with them and us is, as a rule, we know why we’re dealing with “the blues”.

Kitty hasn’t a clue why things are not going well for her, why she’s sad, and worse she can’t tell you why.

So it’s up to us to try to figure out what’s going on.

If she’s a finicky eater, if you’ve changed her food or have not given her enough to eat (she’s hungry, people), that may set her into a funk.

Like you, she might also react to the weather. Lack of “sun puddles” may cause her to be mopey.

How’s she getting along with her brothers and sisters (if she has any)? Maybe they’ve recently had a tiff, she didn’t get her way and so is actually pouting because of the outcome.

If she’s stopped playing with her toys, maybe she’s just bored with the same old, same old!

Older kitties have a tendency to sleep and sleep and sleep, so hours of sleeping are not necessarily a sign there’s an illness in the mix.

Has a new addition, rebel-rouser kitty been added to the family mix? Older kitties sometimes might not be able to keep up with the extra activities and instead spend time off by herself.

While it’s important to try to figure out the reason for the change in your kitty’s behavior (illness, change in food, sibling rivalry), regardless of the cause it may also just be that she’s just wanting a little extra cuddling and love.

After you’ve mentally run through a quick checklist, try a little cuddling and see if that perks her up.

The extra togetherness will be good for kitty and you as well.

Yours in loving on your kitty,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Perhaps a little massage with the Kitty Tongue Glove will help to alleviate the blues.

Photo source: ICanHasCheezburger