driving_catThat’s right folks and kitties, summer is almost officially here, although there are some who are saying it’s already here.

Since we had 9.5 inches of snow the first part of May and then temps at 99 F the end of that same week, and during the rest of that month we experienced flooding and tornadoes, it can be a bit difficult for me to think we’re looking at summer.

Having said all that, with the warm also comes the planning of hitting the road. With or without our pets. Mostly, it’s dogs that get the car rides for any distance, although occasionally the kitty gets to hit the road with wheels, too.

Regardless of your pet of choice on any given trip, here are a number of tips that will benefit both species. For instance:

Heads inside. As is often seen, dogs absolutely love to have their heads out the window, with their ears blowing in the wind. However that’s an extremely dangerous situation. Debris could fly up and get in their eyes. Or they may get excited and try to jump out the window.

Generally, you would not have an issue like this with a cat. (I’m reminded of when my cousin was in his early teens; he liked to ride with his arm bent at the elbow and hanging out the window when his family went on trips. One time when he was doing this, the car was side-swiped and his elbow was injured enough that he now has a pin in it!)

Potty Breaks. Just like with you needing a potty break so does your cat or dog. While you may have a litter box in the car or truck, it may not be so inviting to your cat to take the time to use the box when you are on the road. Thus, a stop at a rest area would be in order. Although your cat may not use the box at that time either.

Drink, Drink, Drink. Actually, you/we all need plenty of water to “make everything work”, but this is especially so when you’re on a trip. You’ll want to stop often so you and your kitty can “drink up” with fresh water. If your kitty shows signs of upset stomach, try ice cubes as they are easier to get into your kitty if she’s under the weather.

Nibble-ty bits. When you’re traveling with your kitty, it’s better to feed her in “small doses”–no large meals. In fact, she may just be her own barometer and decide to not each much of anything when she’s in transit. Take her usual food to keep her on her own food regimen; and no tasting of yours.

Don’t leave your kitty alone. If you must leave your vehicle for any reason, take your kitty with you. Otherwise have someone stay in the car with your cat. This is especially crucial in the hot summer when inside car temperatures can reach in the 100s within a very short period of time. “Cracking the window” does not count as a safety measure for a cat that’s left alone.

Hold ‘er Newt! If your vehicle is moving with you and your cat inside, both of you ought to be in restraints of sorts; you in your seat belt, and your cat ideally in a cat carrier or a pet safety harness if she’s adjusted to it.

Comfy, Cozy. If your cat is going with you on any extended trips, be sure to include in her “suitcase” some of her favorite toys, a special blanket and even her travel bed if she’s used to it.

A little extra planning for you and your cat before you head out the driveway will assure that you have a good time.

Yours in traveling with your kitty,

and “The Boys”

Photo source: Guzer