cat-paw-small“The Boys,” our “Cat Seen Investigators” (aka CSI), like nosing around the Internet for really cool toys and new kitty litter, and other stuff of interest to all their kitty friends.

A while ago, Mikey and I made yet another tip to the vet when he again was not eating (or at least not when I was looking) and his stools were somewhat splatty; they also had a few traces of blood. Uh oh!

During the course of the visit, the vet took blood and urine samples. The good news is both tests had positive results, and he had gained a few ounces!

However, since at that time Mikey was experiencing the diarrhea, the vet suggested we try him on some pro-biotics for a time to help to settle things down. She prescribed Purina FortiFlora, and said you just “sprinkle it on the food”. She added that if his brothers would happen to get that food it won’t hurt them.

Well, let me tell you the others (they all) absolutely love FortiFlora.

Out of the packet, it looks like a chocolate powder; you sprinkle it on the food. There is enough in one packet for all of three to get a good taste of it. In fact, there’s enough I can spread it out over several of their meals.

In addition, I have noticed no blood in any stools and the stools are solid; no diarrhea. It’s my plan to keep them on the FortiFlora on a regular basis.

(Since it’s a pro biotic, I liken it to Activia or some of the other products we people use/take for digestive health.)

Further, I have found the Purina FortiFlora at Amazon at several different price points, which will be helpful for replenishing my supply.

Amazon describes it thus: Purina FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement promotes healthy digestion and supports a strong immune system. Helps speed recovery from diarrhea.

So there you have it; “The Boys” and I think Purina FortiFlora is the perfect solution for an intestinal upset and give it 4    paws up!

Yours in watching out for kitties’ tummies,

and “The Boys”

P.S. I do keep in regular contact with the vet about this issue; with her blessing I continue to give FortiFlora to “The Boys” periodically.

“4 Paws” art compliments of Cat Clip Art