drinkwell-drinking-fntnI must have the strangest cats in the world! Or so it seems.

And that bit about how curiosity killed the cat has nothing to do with our three; none of them has any curiosity in their bones at all!

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times over the years, Mikey and Billy do like to play around with the water from the bathtub faucet. (That all started several years ago when the faucet dripped for quite a while before we finally called the plumber.)

Mikey got used to sitting under the drip to drink, while Billy would get on the edge of the tub, lean over, turn his head sideways and up to get his drink that way. (Sometimes it would go down the wrong pipe or up his nose and he’d end up coughing!)

Because of their antics, I finally decided I’d get them a water fountain like this, designed for cats, that they could drink from. Actually, it’s a really neat thing–at least I thought so. But none of them, Jonny included, was interested in it. (It’s electric and cycles water through it, allowing the water to ripple.) There was hardly any noise, and it really was all around nice.

Initially, Billy seemed to be the most intrigued, although that’s not saying much. At least he stood and watched the running water for a few seconds.

I returned it, though, as otherwise the fountain didn’t get the time of day! And Mikey and Billy still expected regular water delivery from the tub faucet!

Yours in watching kitties drink,

and “The Boys”

Photo source: Amazon