cats-playing-tree-smallWhen you look at your “tuckered little fur ball” stretched out on your lap, it’s hard to imagine that sweet little thing could have been the cause of the ruckus you heard and recently broke up just ten minutes ago.

Let’s see, “your guy” and at least one of his brothers, managed to do all or some of the following in 10 minutes flat:

1. Play tag
You’re on the first floor, sitting in the living room; you’re hearing a “thump, thump” then see a “shot of white fur” streak past you. Then, another fur ball! Round the table leg they go, bumping into each other; the thumping continues up the stairs and into the bedroom overhead!

2. Jump off furniture
Not long after that commotion, you’re sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper and one of your cats takes a flying leap from the floor to the back of the couch. But he doesn’t stop there; he then proceeds to jump from the back of the couch perch to the middle of the newspaper you’re holding in front of you. Then innocently looks up at you, as in “look at me; pay attention to me.”

3. Chase his tail
Sometimes the tag and the jump from the couch are too much activity for one cat to take in…or he feels excluded by the others. So he makes his own fun and chases his tail. Round and round he goes, although that doesn’t last long, and he’s soon bored. Then he just sits and stares. Maybe he’s dizzy!

4. Hide in the litter box
This has got to be one of the craziest past-times your cat might do. He’ll scratch around, like he’s trying to bury something (his momma taught him well), and then he’ll hunker down to “hide” from unsuspecting enemies. Look out anyone who wants to use that litter box!

5. Attack the sheets when you’re making the bed
You’ve quickly learned that in order to make the bed or to change the sheets, you either have to close the bedroom door, make sure “the fur kids” are preoccupied (see litter box activity or jumping off furniture above) before you begin with the beds.

Otherwise, you might be in the middle of the bed-changing when suddenly you’ll have a “flying leaper” belly-flopper smack dab in the middle of the bed—helping! Well, making a lump under the covers, anyway!

6. Eat and drink
Take a gob of his food from his plate into the “dining room” from the kitchen to leave it on the dining room floor—for later! Then catch a drink of water from the drip of the bathtub faucet.

It seems that all the many toys you got for kitty have now become obsolete. And the addition of a kitty brother or sister has only added to the commotion.

These are a few of my favorite things. What are yours?

Yours in your making his own fun,

and “The Boys”

P.S. If you’re inclined to get a “store bought” toy for your furball, take a look at the KONG Laser Cat Toy.