And, in case you don’t know or can’t remember, the rest of that cat-drinking-water-faucet-sm saying is “but you can’t make them drink”!

Thus enter your precious feline.

Sometimes, as you know, it can be difficult to get your kitty to drink. Maybe she’s under the weather. Perhaps she’s finicky because the water is too stale or not cold enough.

Whatever the reason might be, you may never know. But it’s still crucial that you keep plenty of fresh water on hand at all times for your cat to help to keep her hydrated!

Especially if she or he has been unwell. As with you, who may not want to drink anything when you’re ill, so too your kitty might shy away from the water dish at such times.

If this happens at your house, it’s important for you to try to come up with different ways that might work to get water into your cat.

But before you decide to “force” the water into her, which is not a good idea as with your combined struggles (the cat’s and yours), the water could “go down the wrong pipe”, get into the lungs, cause pneumonia or worse–maybe asphyxiation. So what’s a cat and its owner to do?

Here are some things to try:

1. Get an ice cube; your kitty could lick it (cold tongue, though, so not for long).
2. Around here, cats like to drink from the bath tub faucet, so you might consider that.
3. Or, give your kitty a fountain dish with the running water from which to drink.
4. Some have been known to dip their fingers in water and encourage their cat to lick the water from their hand or finger.
5. Give your kitty some canned cat food as canned foods have more water in them.
6. When fixing your cat’s plate/dish, try adding some warm water or tuna juice or low-sodium broth to your cat’s food.
7. An ice cube in your cat’s water bowl might encourage your cat to drink.

Yours in solving the water dilemma,

and “The Boys”

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Photo source: Unknown