GE DIGITAL CAMERAThose numbers, dear readers and kitties, are Mikey’s blood pressure readings!!! I was shocked!

In case you missed reading our “Mews Nooz” ezine these past few weeks, Mikey and I have been dealing with some “ramped up”, difficult health issues for him. As a result, I’ve taken him to the Vet on several occasions for consultation and exam. (The good news is he has gained one ounce!)

Last Wednesday we went because when I had had him there the week prior for what I suspected might be a Urinary Tract Infection, they were unable to get a sample.

So this time they kept him for the whole day (8 hours), and he still did not give up any. However, they did check his blood pressure and his T4 blood level. His T4 is a “5” now (a little higher than the Vet likes) but it’s the blood pressure (250/185) that gave us all pause.

Since Mikey’s got that hypothyroidism thing going on he takes medication for it, which I am now “upping” dose-wise.

The Vet is pretty certain that once we get the blood pressure to a sane level, the many other symptoms I was reporting on his behalf (like the confusion, dimentia-like activity, the loud calling, seeming like he didn’t know where he was, the inability to relax, restlessness, etc.) would lessen and perhaps even go away.

We’ll go back August 15, and already I can see a decided improvement in his behavior, his demeanor and the other stuff that scared me.

Yours in staying in touch with the Vet,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support when I mentioned this in “Mews Nooz”.