My how time flies!

Today marks five months since I took a two-hour road trip that turned out to be three hours because I got lost!

And came home with Christopher!

He’s been a joy! And he’s back to sleeping on my lap like he did when I first became his “cat” mom.

That had stopped for a time, after 12 of his teeth had to be removed (because of that hard street life he endured before we met up).

Christopher does still have a bit of trouble sleeping in the bed all night, though; sometimes because of Phillip and other times I think it’s because he’s still doing some heavy dreaming when he sleeps; it shakes him around enough that he ends up falling out of bed!

Yours to another five months and many more with Christopher and Phillip,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Phillip has also now been with me for five months (May 20).