Since Phillip got his own special “shout out” in last week’s issue of our ezine, Mews Nooz, and here at Kittens n Things because Sunday, the 20th, was the anniversary of his 1st Gotcha Day, I can’t not mention that Christopher’s 1st Gotcha Day anniversary is today, the 26th”!

Christopher’s actual “gotcha” also involved a trip out-of-town; it was supposed to take about an hour-and-a-half (90 or so miles) but by the time I got there, it ended up it was close to 2.5 hours. I got lost and if it weren’t for the graciousness and directions of Denise, the foster lady pawrent, who had him, not to mention a fully charged cell phone, I might still be trying to find her country house.

I’m thrilled to say we made it through the year with the two of them (Phillip and Christopher) together. Although not entirely without fusses.

In my walk down memory lane, I was reading back through some comments I had written in the Days of Our Meows section of Mews Nooz last year when I first got Christopher. I was reminded I had changed his name at least three times before I settled upon Christopher. At that time I had also remarked, “Note: Our furmily is now complete. We have NO intentions of expanding our paw count!”

So I wonder how in the world I ended up with two more kitties on June 10th the following/the first part of this (2015) year!

Amy at the Shelter sent the above photo of Christopher to me last year, after I had seen his original photo on the Internet and had expressed interest in him. (I had asked if they had any other photos.) When she sent it, Amy remarked that he “had his paws crossed because he hoped I would take him and be his mom”!

We all know how that turned out!

Yours in celebrating Christopher,

and “The Boys” and Hope