GE DIGITAL CAMERAOn a Saturday a “snowy” year ago today, I drove 100 miles or so to the animal shelter in Des Moines to get Phillip.

Generally, when the weather is snowy, blowy, sleety, icy, windy, and all that, I and “my wheels” DO NOT leave town, let alone the house and garage. Yet, here I was on the road to get Phillip.

It was quite the experience, and not just because of the weather. In fact, I’m not sure I’d repeat it – alone, at least.

It was super busy; it’s a huge shelter and they were also having a “spa day” for bunnies and guinea pigs. In addition to dollars off for woofies and kitties for Christmas. The doors didn’t open until 11 a.m. I likened it to a “cattle call”.

Phillip was certainly larger in person than he appeared in his photo posted on the Internet by the shelter. So much so that when I first saw him, I thought “Oh my, he’s huge!”. Almost like, “What have I done?” I’m really glad I got him, though, even if I can barely carry him, especially when he’s in the carrier.

He has “filled out” to 15lb-2oz, and most of the time is very laid back. He’s not just a tall cat, he’s a long one as well. He loves to sleep with me at night. You’d think that when he jumped up onto the bed, you’d be in for a jar; but you hardly know he’s landed.

I also barely hear a verbal sound from him, even when he’s waiting for something to eat. At those times, occasionally, he’ll make a strange, sort of high-pitch sound. It definitely does not sound meow-like!

All that aside, today we’re celebrating Phillip’s Gotcha Day, and we’re all glad we’ve got each other.

Yours in celebrating Phillip,

and “The Boys” and Hope