GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday (if you go by dates) is one month since Phillip’s “Gotcha Day”. (On the other hand if you’re counting weeks, it’s actually a little more than a month.)

Nevertheless, I wanted to share some progress where he is concerned.

We think the biggest breakthrough is that Phillip NO LONGER hides under the couch in the living room. He is also less spooked!

He is sleeping on the spare bed at night where before he would get under it. Phillip is welcome to sleep with me but, alas, Christopher seems to have a corner on the bed property! Although Phillip has recently ventured onto the bed with me (and Christopher) for as long as 10 minutes. (Since Phillip was here first, he had choice spot on the bed at night with me but when Christopher came along he took over the bed. Sometimes even I’m vying for a spot!)

We do have lots of “bonding” time where Phillip will sit on my lap (as much as he can as he’s really huge and hangs over it a bit). He’s even gotten so when he’s on the floor stretched out he’ll show his tummy floof! And glorious floof it is!

Sometimes I’ll hear thumping and what sounds like pounding going on upstairs. When I go to investigate, I discover Phillip playing with one of the catnip toys. Or he’s jumping in and out of the bathtub!

Of course, there are still the hisses and swats; some of that may be because he and Christopher are staking territory. I do continue to be concerned about their claws, especially if either of them gets the evil eye around Billy.

All in all, we think we’re a match made in Heaven and we’re keeping us all!

Yours in Phillip settling in,

and “The Boys”