Today marks “two years” for Christopher, too. As December 26, 2014, saw me again in the car, this time driving to the Rescue Shelter to get Christopher.

And what a trip that turned out to be. I knew the general area where I was to go, or so I thought. (I had used Google to figure out my own map! Big mistake.)

Thankfully, the foster home cat mom was patient with me each time I called her to get me unlost! Making matters worse (in my mind) was the fact that she had told me during one of our calls she was supposed to be at a family dinner at the time she was waiting for me. (I had left home early enough but then “lost my way”.)

That’s how Christopher got his name; the Shelter had named him “Lucien”. I decided he’d be named “Christopher” – after the Patron Saint of “Travelers”!

When we finally got him in the carrier and I was on the way home, poor little guy started “crying and crying” – I thought maybe he was thinking something bad was going to happen. Finally about half-way home, though, he gave a big sigh, put his head down and went to sleep.

Christopher was also the stray that had been picked up by the animal rescue crew about six months before I got him. They said he looked so bad (matted fur, infection in his eyes, banged up hips/back end – he walks like he was either hit by a car at some point, or he may just have a birth defect) they were leaning toward just sending him to the Rainbow Bridge right away.

But the kitty foster mom who was also on the rescue crew thought he seemed so lovable and had so much potential with the right care, she and they just couldn’t take that final step without at least trying to get him well.

After his clean up and vet care rehab, they posted his photo on (where I happened to see him and knew I had to be his new mom). They also listed him at Facebook. They told me later they thought no one would want him because he was older (they thought he was about 8 or 9 years old) and because he had so much wrong with him.

Come to find out from my vet, Christopher was really about four years old. My vet also said Christopher needed to have some teeth removed (12 in all!) because they were so bad.

He’s been such a joy. And if I take the time, he would get on my lap and sleep on his back for hours! (When I first brought him home, we did just that – I called it our bonding time, with me using him as an excuse to just sit and not do anything. But love up on a cat.)

As you might guess, he’s a keeper!

Yours in savin’ kitties,

, “The Boys”, and Hope