Dakota-2016-01-10-48To some, I might have been up to no good – again – but to one very special furball, I may just have been what he was hoping for.

He: Tyler (came to me as “Domino”)
Birth Date: 9/1/2011
Entry Date: 6/12/2015
Forever Home date: 1/7/2016

I got him from the Humane Society of North Iowa, the in-town local animal shelter; he had been picked up as a stray last June. He must have belonged to someone at one time as the Shelter listed him as having been found wearing a collar.

As is the Shelter’s policy, he was held for seven days in hopes his owner would come to claim him. After that, he was put up for adoption. And so he waited, and waited. And waited almost seven months until I came along!

After I went to see him, though, I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow through with submitting an application. In person, he was (or appeared so) a pretty BIG kitty. Thankfully, not Phillip big!

He was also a bit standoffish, although I figure if I were in a cage in a room full of other kitties also in cages, with the Shelter people cleaning the cages and all sorts of other commotion, I might head for the nearest corner to hide, too. I was also somewhat concerned about my current crew and how they all would get along.

When I went back to see him after thinking about it for a couple of days, the trainer there who spends a lot of time with the kitties talked with me about him and his interactions with the others. When she put him on the floor so he could walk around, he sidled up to her to rub against her leg. I knew then if they approved my application, he was going to be part of my furmily.

Tyler came home with me mid-morning last Thursday (the 7th), and by the next afternoon (Friday) he was wandering around in the whole house.

Sunday, he started sleeping on top of one of the chairs in the living room or the dresser in the bedroom. Monday of this week, he had advanced to sleeping on the bed during the day.

He’s also playing with and loving the Dynamite catnip toys and using the cat scratchers. He did hiss at all of us the first day when we would approach him, but hasn’t since. At least not that I’ve heard.

Brody wants to play with him; Christopher and Phillip more or less ignore him. Hope, is another story, as she’s our resident mean face girl. She’s got the hissing down pat, too.

All in all, this get-acquainted thing (introducing other kitties to resident kitties) this time has been the easiest transition I’ve ever experienced. And to think I’d almost decided not to apply for him. (That’s a pretty good lesson in not judging a book by its cover!)

I’ve also been getting some pretty good photos with that iPhone I got last year so I’ll be sharing photos of him as well as the others, in Mews Nooz, and here from time to time.

Yours in maybe needing an intervention,

, “The Boys” and Hope

Photo of Tyler – he just woke up. He’s sitting on top of the dresser on the blankie he slept on at the Shelter; they sent it home with him.