2016-01-19-CB-rumbleIf a kitty on your counter is an issue for you, there are several solutions you could try to keep him or her on the floor.

1. Make the counter less appealing. Some folks use double-sided tape placed randomly on the counter. It will stick onto your kitty’s feet; he’ll be surprised and try to get it off. It is not harmful to the feet.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to keep the tape on the counter indefinitely, especially since it would be in your way when you’re trying to prepare meals or if you’re wanting to use the counter for other activities.

2. Redirect your kitty’s mood to jump. This has sometimes been done by “sound”. Put pennies or rocks or cans inside cans and shake the can when you see your kitty get into the jump up position. It will startle him and it is hoped make him decide it’s not so important to be on the counter after all. If you don’t have a can, you could clap your hands or even make PSST sounds. Anything noisy that catches your kitty’s attention.

The drawback with this method is that you’ll have to watch your kitty over a period of time in order to tell when he’s about to make his move to the counter.

3. Offer your cat a distraction. In other words, instead of the counter give him something else to climb up on. Since cats naturally climb, you don’t want to discourage the action of climbing, your focus is really just on where the climbing takes place.

So get a tree tower or two. You could also put cat treats at the top of the tower (my cats don’t eat treats; not interested!).

Strangely, while all of the “new cats” have taken turns at the new cat tower that I got for them several weeks ago, other than using it to scratch their claws, they rarely climb on it now. Unless it’s to go from the top of the tower to the top of one of the chairs or to the treadmill in the living room!

Yours in kitty thinking,

, “The Boys”, and Hope

P.S. While I purchased the cat tree shown above with Christopher all over it, from PetCo and convenience’s sake, you can get them just about anywhere where cat products are sold. Amazon is a super resource for them.

Note: While I am an affiliate for Amazon, I am not one for PetCo.