2016-01-19-CB-rumbleFor some time now, I’ve been thinking about getting a new cat tree for The Boys and Hope. In fact, I’d looked at them at PetCo and at Amazon.

I’d read the reviews and even tried lifting the trees at PetCo. (We retired two old lopsided trees years ago for lopsidedness and unstableness.)

Many of the online reviews discussed difficulty with putting together the cat tree; the directions were less than enlightening, some reviewers expressed dismay at having to take the tree apart and re-assemble it because the instructions that came with were almost non-existent.

Additionally, some reviews alleged that the assembled tree was not too stable on carpeting. While others mentioned trees that were less than desirable for large kitties. (I was especially concerned about my 15.2 pound Phillip being able to even get up onto it.)

With all that, I was apprehensive about going down the cat tree road. I thought about purchasing one online that would be sent to me but then realized it would still be up to me to put it together! (Not my strong suit!)

In the end, I opted for an already-assembled cat tree at our local PetCo. They helped me put it into the car. Then when I got home I wrestled with it a bit to get it out of the car, up the steps to the kitchen and then into the living room.

Once I had it in the living room in front of the window where I planned to place it, Christopher (to my surprise) was the first to look it over, immediately finding the cardboard scratcher area and putting it to use.

Since then, Brody and Tyler have both been on the top tier to “survey” and to sleep (not together, thankfully). Phillip and Christopher have used the carpet and scratching areas, as has Hope.

Actually, I don’t think Phillip will be climbing up that high, although he will on occasion get in a south window in the dining room with the help of the couch. And while Christopher can jump up onto a chair or the bed, I’m not so sure he can jump or climb top-tier high.

The photo taken last week shows Christopher on the middle level; I put him there. He’s playing with a feather mousethat hangs from the tier above it. Brody, barely seen, is on the left behind the beige cord-like post. I had moved the tree away from the window so I could get a decent photo; the light in from the window cancelled out any shots I took.

So it’s a learning experience for us all. In the meantime, one or all of them will get some use of it. Or they’d better! As I certainly don’t want to stuff it back into the car so I can return it.

After this shot, Brody and Christopher each decided to take a nap, with Brody on the top tier and Christopher on the middle one.

Yours in your kitties in “trees”,

and “The Boys”

P.S. The link for PetCo is NOT an affiliate link; the link to Amazon IS an affiliate link.