No, this is not a repeat, we really are celebrating another Gotcha Day!

This time, it’s Flynn’s day!

In fact, exactly today (date-wise, January 7- 2015) I picked up Flynn at the local Humane Society (of North Iowa).

This little guy’s story, as you may remember, is as follows: I saw his photo on the Humane Society’s website, then hemmed and hawed for a week or so as to whether I wanted to get another kitty (to add to my already four-sized shelter kitties furmily).

Since I’m talking about him, you know his handsomeness won out and me over. Even if he was already a full-grown kitty – while he was a stray, they estimated his birth date was 9/2011! He’d been at the Shelter for four months before I found and subsequently adopted him.

Love him to pieces, and as I write this he’s sacked out beside me, like kitties often do, with his tummy in full view.

The full “kitty in review” is here at Kittens ‘n Things.

Yours in sharing the love with “Shelters”,

, “The Boys”, and Hope