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Cheaper by the dozen

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

two-kitty-love-sm Quite a few years ago, 16, to be exact, when Chuck and I were “adding to our furmily” (a couple kitties at a time), the lady we got them from asked us if we were “going for ‘cheaper by the dozen'”.

And by the time we ended up, we had 6!

Actually, we had some of the same thought processes that many “new pawrents” might–such as for us it’s a good idea to adopt two cats at the same time so they can keep each other company, especially if you work or are otherwise away from home for any length of time.

Now whether the lady had posed that to us or not, we would still have gotten more than one as they were the cutest little furballs and we loved them before we even met them–she had sent their photos to us.

However, in the veterinarian realm of things, Oscar E. Chavez, DVM, MBA, Member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, postulates, “The general answer would be no, don’t get two cats, unless they are young and of similar age, and/or were raised together.”

He further states, “It’s more likely to stress your cat out than provide a companion.” Says Dr. Chavez, “People assume cats do well in multiple cat households, but that’s far from the truth. Cats are not small dogs. They are not pack animals, and they prefer to be solitary most of the time.”

Milk, anyone?

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

This little one gets high points for “sticking with it”!


Yours in watching your kitty wrestle with her milk bowl,

and “The Boys”

P.S. If your kitty gets tired of trying to “get the milk”, she might want to tackle this Treat Maze to get her “noms”.

Video source: ICanHasCheezburger

Hidden Household Cat Poisons

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Guest post: Dorian Wagner, The Daily Cat, Your Daily Cute

cat-poison-picYou do your best to ensure you feed your cat the right food, give it plenty of water, and make sure it has a comfortable bed to sleep in and a pile of toys to play with.

While you assume your home is a safe and happy place, you may have some surprising things around that are toxic, and even fatal, to your cat.

Aside from the well-known poisons that lurk in your kitchen cabinets and garage — household cleaners, bleach, detergents, pool chemicals, paint thinner — there are some less obvious toxins that could do just as much harm. Below is a quick list of some common threats you might have in your home.

In the Kitchen
Many people don’t see any harm in slipping their cat a bit of their dinner (he’s begging!), but many spices and foods we cook with are poisonous to cats, to different degrees. Never allow your cat to have onions or onion powder; chives; garlic; grapes; mustard seeds; grapefruit, lemon, limes and other citrus fruits; chocolate; coffee; or chicken bones. (more…)

Voting for Friskies Video Contest

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Friskies-2013-video-award-smA week or so ago, I posted that I had heard from Christine Schena, the rep for Friskies. She wanted us to know voting for the “Best Cat Video of 2013″ contest is in full swing!

“Friskies and the contest judges selected 20 Semi-Finalists to compete for a spot as one of 12 Finalists.”

You can vote through September 16, 2013, so get your voting paw or fingers ready, your favorite treats (cat munchies or pop corn), find a soft spot to relax and watch those videos. Then choose your favorites!

$25,000 is on the line here! “Four Category winners and one Fan Favorite winner will be awarded the money. AND a gold-plated Catuette trophy.”

So let’s help to make it happen!

Yours in watching cat videos and voting your favorites,

and “The Boys”

P.S. We’re pretty certain you’re going to be pretty busy watching those videos from now until September 16. However, we also think you might want a “7th-inning stretch” to get the kinks out! So, here’s a bit of fun where you can direct your attention–it’s the FroliCat DART Laser Pet Toy

Love ’em or Leave ’em – Part 2

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

static-catYesterday, I began a post that coincided with a blurb in our recent issue of Mews Nooz. It got a bit long, so I decided to break it into parts.

This then is Part 2–and the rest of the story, so to speak!

What if you knew of someone who recently became a cat pawrent. He really, really loves his kitty until… there’s cat hair all over the house. So now he’s talking about getting rid of his cat. (Now in fairness to him, he is a very large man who has some physical challenges that make it difficult for him to get down and up like he would like to to clean up after his fur child.

This brings to mind something else to think about when looking to add a fur being to your household. In fact, there really are some very specific things to consider; it’s not just the “cuteness” or the “cuddlyness”.

Kitten vs Air

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Yours for kitties that make their own fun,

and “The Boys”

P.S. “Only child” kitties might want something like this to help them make their own fun.

Video source: Lolcats

While the cat’s away

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

If you could see what your kitties do when you’re gone, what do you suppose you would see? Something like this, maybe?

In their younger years, we know “The Boys” used to get it into all kinds of mischief because we could see the “trails” of their spoils; flower pots toppled onto the floor, a stray sock or two in the bed; what did your kitty leave for you?

Yours in your kitty finding her own funr,

and “The Boys”

P.S. If your cat is looking for something new to play with, maybe something like this will keep him occupied.

Video source: I Can Has Cheezburger and Youtube.

Harmony In A House of Cats

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

harmony-catsApparently, cats are like potato chips. Stopping at just one isn’t easy. On average, cat owners have 2.4 cats, according to the American Pet Product Manufacturer’s Association.

“Living with other cats is stimulating and overall a very good thing,” says veterinary behaviorist Sharon Crowell-Davis, DVM, professor at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, Athens.

“Preconceived ideas about cats being solitary are simply not true. Cats are social and enjoy the company of their own kind.

We’ve shown in our research of feral and stray outdoor cats that they often form complex social groups. They groom one another, pay attention to one another and play together; they wouldn’t do that if they were solitary.”

Dr. Crowell-Davis says people all too often have a single cat, and eventually decide to get a second cat maybe when that single cat is five or six years old. And all that time that cat hasn’t been exposed to other cats.

“A cat that isn’t accustomed to its own kind becomes socially incompetent as an adult,” she says. “But then, if a child grows up without going to school and being deprived socially, wouldn’t the same thing happen? Social behavior is greatly learned.”

Dr. Crowell-Davis is among those who encourage shelters to adopt littermates in pairs or even three at a time, depending on the existing pets in the family. She says, “Ideally, adopt a Queen (mother cat) with two of her offspring. “Our research indicates those kittens will grow up to be confident and stable, assuming the mother is reasonably confident and stable.”

The trick to harmony in multi-cat homes is a slow and gradual introduction of any new cats. Dr. Crowell-Davis says, “You don’t just assume any two people who have never met before will get along. Why make those assumptions with cats?”

When they do meet, use really great tasting food as a sort of payoff. “Give the cats a reason to like one another,” says Amy Shojai, author of PETiQuette: Solving Behavior Problems in Your Multi-Pet Household (M. Evans and Company). (more…)

Really Cool Cats!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

It’s that time of year again, folks:

– for those kitties that get outside finding a place to keep cool may be a challenge.

And for you there may be a challenge as well, if you’re going to get in the car and drive away.

Checking for little furballs under the car is always a good thing. Sometimes, it might also be important to look under the hood, too, while you’re at it!

In fact, just in the last couple of weeks I saw two TV news stories that showed animals being found in the innards of a vehicle; one four-legged friend that got into trouble was a dog; in a separate story, the other was a cat.

Yours in keeping your cats cool,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Here’s a neat little contraption that might help to keep your kitty cool. It’s the ProSelect Deluxe Thermostatic Pet Crate Fan

How High Is the Sky In A Cat’s Life?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Some days, you might think it’s too high, muffy-smespecially when you and your kitty find her up a tree or a telephone pole!

And she’s wondering where her next meal might be coming from and you’re wondering how you’re going to get her down.

Muffy (an indoor only cat) was our first and last cat to climb a tree.

In fact, she did it so fast we barely knew she had done it until we discovered her in the branches. (She got out one night and immediately made a beeline to the neighbor’s yard and climbed their evergreen tree.) Luckily for us, the tree was not full grown so she didn’t have far to climb. It was also easy to “get ‘er” down from her spot in the branches.

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