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What do you mean I’m fat?

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

cat-in-doorJust as with you and me, it is possible for your beloved kitty to gain so much weight that he or she becomes obese.

And, as a result, kitty has to deal with some of the health concerns we humans do. Most commonly, a cat’s obese problem is attributed to nutrition. (Sound familiar?)

Kitties, though, not like us, can’t “go to the gym” to workout or “push himself away from the table” when he hits “full”! Although Billy is pretty good about “walking away”. Mikey, and definitely Jonny, not so much! (more…)

There’s A Pill In the Keyboard

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Mikey, as you may remember, has a heart murmur. So because of this,GE DIGITAL CAMERA it is necessary that I give him a quarter of a pill daily.

I’ve gotten pretty good about getting that pill down him – most days.

However, I suppose if you’d look around the house later in the day you might see what I see, a quarter of a pill. In fact, sometimes I’ve found them days later.

The question then becomes what day’s pill is that?

In fact, as I was typing this post I found one of the pills in my computer keyboard. No wonder Mikey likes resting his head on it!

It seems to me I’m going to have to try a different tack in pill distribution.

We do have one of those “pill shooter” things and we’ve also put pills in the cat food, both solutions worked with the others over the years so I’ll be revisiting those.

Yours in giving your kitty a pill,

and “The Boys”

P.S. While the Pill Gun is a good resource to use to give a cat pills, I am still going to work at getting Mikey’s pills in him without it.

Needles: Tests and Shots!

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

If you’re been watching the news and reading the anothercat newspapers these days, you know we/the U.S. is pretty much in a flu epidemic. And so, flu “shots” have been available nationwide for the folks.

But what safe health measures are in place for the kitties?

While kitties aren’t known for being prone to contracting the flu, they can get some other human diseases. And one of the easiest ways to detect a kitty’s health, particularly the senior’s health, is through a blood test.

This blood test is especially useful, since many of the diseases an older cat can get do not show up as symptoms until it’s too late to help your kitty.

So a trip to the vet on a regular basis, where, among other things, the kitty gets a blood test, can show whether she has renal failure, blood issues (like leukemia), diabetes, etc.

If these Medications are available for your kitty, if something abnormal shows up in the blood.

Yours in scheduling regular trips to the vet,

and “The Boys”

P.S. For more tips for taking care of your kitty, check out Marty Becker’s guide, Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual: Hundreds of Secrets, Surprises, and Solutions for Raising a Happy, Healthy Cat

Paying Attention

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

If you’re like other cat owners, you pretty much cat tell when your kitty is GE DIGITAL CAMERA “under the weather” or “feeling out of sorts”.

Perhaps he’s not eating or drinking; maybe he’s just lying around in a mope.

Unexpected weight loss or weight gain are other signs that something may be amiss with your kitty.

But if you’re like most cat owners, too, some of the “tell tale” signs that something is amiss with your kitty may go unnoticed because you see your cat every day and thus you aren’t quite in tune with any such differences.

Particularly, since changes in weight and activity can, in some cases, be pretty subtle. And unless you keep a paper trail of his or her activity and weight it may be easy to miss the signs. (more…)

Has Your Kitty Had Her Shots?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I got one of those post cards from the vet a while back, reminding me that all “The Boys” are “due” for their shots.

Now, after reading around the cat blogosphere about recent incidents when kitties have had their shots, I am a bit apprehensive about following through with them.

For the most part, “The Boys” do not go outside! On their own. Although there is always the chance they could get out. Most likely, though, the closest they’ll get to outside is to stand at the open door.

And look!

The Kitty Without a Spleen

Friday, November 11th, 2011

The surgery is over, and so far so good!

Jonny and his spleen were parted yesterday/Thursday. The vet told me Jonny’s spleen was 10 times larger than the normal-size spleen in a kitty! (He had a mastocytosis that, as far as they could tell, was contained in the spleen.)

When they removed the spleen, they also took a biopsy of Jonny’s liver, and a lymph node. We hope to have the results of those sometime next week.

Jonny did well in the surgery, although his blood pressure went a little bit low. All in all, though, he’s recovering well and is expected to get to come home today. I’ll be calling the vet later this morning to see when I can get him.

Last night was the first night Jonny had ever spent away from home in all of his 14 years, so I imagine it might have been a bit traumatic for him…I just hope there weren’t any barking woofies there to disturb him. As that would be a new sound to Jonny.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers and well wishes for Jonny.

Yours in Jonny coming home today,

and “The Boys”

The Wanderer!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Did you hear the story about Willow, the Calico cat that had been missing for 5 years!

She originally lived in Boulder, Colorado, five years ago and somehow went missing.

Her family looked high and low for her, putting out flyers, and even ads on sites like Craigslist.

And still, they saw hide nor hair of her.

Then just this week, an animal shelter in New York City (NEW YORK CITY, kitties!) called to say they had the family’s cat and she was well!

Thanks to a microchip in Willow’s ear, the shelter was able to identify her and where she came from.

The story goes that not only was Willow a prime country wanderer, she was also an escape artist” as she left home in 2006 when a plumber had left the door open!

Willow made it across country, to New York City, some 1,800 miles from her home.

I can see a whole lot of “fortunatelys” (or kitty guardian angels) here for Willow:

**Fortunately, a man found her wandering the streets and took her to the shelter.
**Fortunately, someone must have cared for her along the way as she seems to be in good health (although it seems no one took her to a Vet, where the microchip would have been seen.)
**Fortunately, she had some good meals along the way, as her girlish figure is a bit hefty.
**Fortunately, no cars or animals got her…and
The fortunatelys go on.

The family theory is: “Someone took her in and took care of her and didn’t take her to the vet to get scanned, which would have brought her home a lot faster, and moved to New York,” says Chris (Squire, owner). “And once again, she went wandering.”

Thanking Cod for microchips and for kitties that find their homes,

and “The Boys”

P.S. A Vet can easily insert a microchip in a cat or dog. If you haven’t already done so, it’s something to consider.

Video source: KDVR-TV – Fox-31 Denver (Colorado)

Photo source:MailOnline

Cats In the Sun

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

It may be a bit late in the summer to be posting about “cats in the sun”….what with the hot sun somewhat winding down now; at least in the U.S. However, knowing we have different seasons around the world, this information may still be rather timely somewhere. Or, you’ll just have it early for next year!

Years ago when Snowflake was part of our “first cat family”, in cat fashion, she loved to sit in the south window (in particular) – or to lie down there, and “sun bathe”.

We used to say she could get sunburned; and sometimes it looked like the tips of her little ears got a bit pink.

According to a tip I read this week by Kelly Pully in “The Daily Cat Tip”, cats indeed can get sun burned, even skin cancer. Since, as we know, many of them spend a good part of their day doing their thing in the sun.

So if you are “babysitting” your kitty, it would be perfect if you cankeep her in the shade. But you know as well as I do that getting a kitty to change its direction once he or she gets a notion is near impossible.

There are some sunscreen products on the market that are safe for cats for when your kitty does go out, so be sure you have put the cream or lotion on its ears, its nose and any other place where your kitty does not have fur. Paw pads, too. And if your kitty doesn’t have much (or any) fur on its tummy, add some lotion there, as well.

Of course, since your kitty is really good about taking its bath, you may have to apply the lotion more than once, and for best results, you’ll want to rub it in.

To coincide with your kitty spending his time outside, you will also want to check for lumps and/or unusual redness on its skin–that may be caused by the sun.

Yours with a cat in the sun

and “The Boys”

P.S. Or, you might look for a stroller with a top like this Fifth Avenue SUV Pet Stroller, BluePet Strollers) your kitty can spend some time in!

Let’s All Go to the Lobby…

Friday, April 15th, 2011

When I was younger, at intermission time at the movie theater a short video of different kinds of snacks, and a jingle, “Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby…to get ourselves a treat!” would run on the screen for “x” amount of time to give the audience a chance to get up and go to the lobby before the main movie would start.

(I haven’t been to the movie theater for a while so I don’t know if they still run that video–or if they show something similar.)

So, that’s how it goes around here when either Chuck or I go to the kitchen. Doesn’t matter why we go there…whether I go to bake a cake or to start the evening meal. Or even to get a glass of water.

It seems like at least one or the other of “The Boys” will make it a point to join me–as he (or they) looks for handouts!

And if they’re not all around when I first go to the kitchen, they magically appear once they start smelling the food cooking or baking or grilling! I’m convinced they recognize the smell of specific foods!

Yours in having an audience while you cook

and “The Boys”

P.S. Mews Nooz is ready and will be in your Inbox tomorrow morning early, unless you’re not yet a subscriber. Get your very own copy by leaving your name and email address over there >>> in the box to the right.

Photo: Snowflake – who managed to “fix her own meals”, it seems.

Do You Know What’s In Your Kitty’s Mouth?

Friday, February 25th, 2011

As I was putting together Saturday’s upcoming issue of my ezine, “Mews Nooz”, I began my lead article by referring to a story I had seen in the national news–and then on the Internet–about a “cat burglar”!

And all of the loot “the little guy” was known to have made off with!

My article then morphed into some of the perilous things that can jeopardize an outdoor cat’s well-being.

Coincidentally then, in today’s paper, I read an article about some of the dangers for inside cats, as well. (more…)

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