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5 Already?

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

RIP-Bowie-2011-05-07-300x274Saturday, May 7, marked five years (already?) since our “baby Bowie” took off for the Rainbow Bridge. How I miss him.

He sure loved to have his back rubbed, and would stand or sit on the floor beside me for hours, if need-be, looking at me until I would get the hint that it was time for me to rub his back!

At which time he would jump up onto my lap, turn so his back faced me, sit down and wait for me to stroke away. At other times, he would just stand on my lap and enjoy the strokes. (Flynn has gotten so he likes head and back rubs, too.)

Yours in missing Bowie,

, “The Boys”, and Hope

Bowie Angel graphic source: Ann, Zoolatry

Bowie Revisited

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

RIP-Bowie-2011-05-07-300x274Today marks three years already since our “baby Bowie” took off for the Rainbow Bridge.

“The Boys” and I miss him terribly.

He sure loved to have his back rubbed, and would stand or sit on the floor beside me for hours, if need-be, looking at me, until I would get the hint that it was time for me to rub his back!

At which time he would jump up onto my lap, turn so his back faced me, sit down on his back legs and wait for me stroke his back. At other times, he would stand on my lap to enjoy the strokes.

Yours in remembering Bowie,

and “The Boys”

Bowie in peace

Friday, March 7th, 2014

RIP-Bowie-2011-05-07-300x274Today marks three years since our baby Bowie went to the Rainbow Bridge.

He really wasn’t a “baby” years-wise as he was 12. But to us he was our baby–he was the last kitty we got.

He is missed!

We had him cremated and then we put him into a small walnut urn and added his photo to the front of it. The urn is now on the toilet tank lid in the bathroom, as Bowie liked to spend a lot of time sleeping in the bathroom!

Jonny and Bowie were “pals” and on numerous occasions over the last three years Jonny will get up on the toilet seat to spend some time with Bowie, looking at his photo.

Yours in remembering past kitty loves,

and “The Boys”


Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Today, marks two years since our “baby” went to the Rainbow Bridge.


He became a rather sickly little one a couple of months after we got him. But with good doctor care, lots of medicine and plenty of lovin’ he lived till 13.

We shared some fun times and we shared some trauma times as well as little boy “trouble” times.

“The Boys” and I miss him – lots!

Yours in missing those who have gone before,

and “The Boys”

Bowie, Dear

Monday, May 7th, 2012

My how time flies,” as they say.

Today, May 7, is one whole year since our little Bowie unexpectedly passed away.

3/23/1998 – 5/7/2011

Of course, I remember him fondly, and some days “not so fondly” as he could at times be the terror of all terrors! But then we loved him all the more.

He came to us from the same breeder who had the rest of our kitty lovers; only his story was a tiny bit different. In his very short life (8 weeks when we got him–which was really a little early to leave the momma), he had already been in another home. Not counting the breeder’s.

Bowie was the grandson of the father of “The Boys”‘; they (Jonny, Mikey, Daniel, Cody and Billy) all had the same father and different mothers. Well, Mikey and Daniel were “twins” so they had the same mother.

He came to us about 6 months after the other five were already pretty well “established” in our home. He first had been sent to live with a woman who already had a cat and a dog. As we learned, apparently since he was the “new ‘kit’ on the block” the others were not too happy with the new boarder!

So that lady gave him back to the breeder, who then contacted us to see if we would be interested in giving him a home.

We were and we did!

We also came to learn that he was a “sick little thing”; having developed breathing problems (which seemed like “out of the blue” about 2 months after we got him. So he had daily “puffs” of Advair and Pro-Air to help him breathe. And many years later, the Vet discovered a mass in his abdomen that by then was too large and too late to do anything about.

We all loved him “this big” and shared lots of joy throughout his 13 years!

Yours in missing you, Bowie,

and “The Boys”

Remembering Bowie and His Love of Back Rubs

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Ooo, eee, ooo, ah, ah! A little more to the left, pleaaaaaaaaaase!

That was “Bowie” enjoying his morning back rub. In fact, it seemed he couldn’t begin a day without one.

Initially, he’d sit patiently on the floor beside my chair; then he’d stretch and reach up his paws; first to tap my leg to get my attention. He’d then jump up on my lap and stand there, looking (or is it staring?) at me.

If I tried to ignore him, he’d just butt my arm with his head until I paid attention to him–also known as “giving him a back rub!”

Bowie especially loved it when I would rub his ears first, and then run both of my hands down his back to the end of his tail.

In fact, he’d sit with me like that all day if I didn’t finally scoot him off.

Yours in remembering Bowie’s back rubs,

and “The Boys”

P.S.Got any rituals you do with your kitty?

P.P.S. Check out our Romper Room. Or look at this; maybe one of these Kitty Scratcher w/ Play Tail Toy and Cat Nip would make a good distraction for a kitty. What do you think?

There’s No Room For Me

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Ever have one of those nights when you go to get into bed and there is no room for you?

As in, for me, Mikey had already dug his “little hole” in the blankets at the foot of the bed.

Billy was planted in the middle of the bed, taking a bath, and Bowie was taking up space sprawled on the pillow!

Which is usually Billy’s!

And Jonny was on the window seat right beside the bed, eye-ing me trying to figure out how I was going to get into bed!

Without moving all that fur.

Or maybe he was wondering who he could move out so he could pile onto the bed, too?

Yours in taking back your bed,
and “The Boys”

P.S. Of course, I am the human and I know I am in control and can set the rules as to who sleeps where.

P.P.S. What kind of night-time takeover happens with your kitty?

Photo: The photo is Jonny, in a “sprawled moment” on the bed, before the others came along in the “great take over”!

This is it! He Made It!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

This day has finally come! Bowie is 13 today, his actual birthday.

For all the health issues he’s had over the years, we weren’t sure this day would come.

So we just enjoy him for as long as we have him. And are hopeful he’ll be around for another year or two!

He likes to sleep on the toilet seat lid, so he may spend his day there, curled into a fluff ball.

He also likes “people” birthday cake, and has already put in his order for a bite.

Yours in many more birthdays,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Bowie wanted me to tell you he really loves it when you stop by.

His Butt’s Not Too Big!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I don’t know if Bowie is trying to tell me something or what.

But for the last several mornings when I’ve gotten out of the shower…or even later in the day when I’ve gone into the bathroom to check on him (his favorite hang-out is the bathroom)… there I find him.

Sitting on the bathroom scale!

Now, at 7.8 lbs, he’s not overweight!

Really, he’s not!

Although he might be a little “thick” around his middle.

But not enough that he’d have to do anything specific to try to get rid of it.

Other than to step away from the “crunchies!”

Yours in watching kitties and their waists,

and “The Boys”

P.S. We’re just about ready to again start publishing our weekly ezine, “Cat’s Meow” – so sign up now and get in on the fun. (See the box to the upper right.)

Happy Birthday, Bowie!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

To all our new “furriends” and their beans, we wanted to share…

Today is a very special day…it’s our “baby’s” birthday; Bowie is 13!

It seems just like yesterday we were on our way home from getting him after meeting the lady who had him.

Actually, his story is a little different from that of his “brothers.”

When we decided we wanted to get Persians, we found a breeder in Minnesota. (We live in northern Iowa.) Then over a couple of months, we got five kitties from her; Jonny, Mikey and Daniel, and then Billy and Cody.

We were satisfied; didn’t need, didn’t want “no more” cats!

About six months after we had all five, Peggy, the breeder called us and asked if we’d like another kitty. Oh man!

Come to find out, Peggy had sold him/Bowie to a lady who had him for a month or so. But the lady decided she couldn’t keep Bowie because her other cat couldn’t get adjusted to him.

Peggy knew we’d be a good home, so we were her first and “last” choice!

Because we went to see him, and…we brought him home at the same time!

Yours to many more happy birthdays, Bowie,

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