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On the Road Again…with Cat

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Recently, I wrote an article that included several ways on how to “NOT” transport a cat…well, they were ideas best to not use–especially for long trips–since one of the mentions included letting a cat have the run of the vehicle.

So, how do you get from here to there with a cat in tow?

A cat carrier is an excellent mode of transportation for a cat while in a car…on the way to the vet, long trips, etc. Ideally, though, not just any carrier.

Here are some things you might consider and/or look for when deciding upon a carrier for your cat:

1. Comfort
Stand up, sit down; turn around. Kitty needs to be comfortable in the carrier, especially if you are taking her on any extended trips. So, can she stand up, sit down; turn around with enough head-room and leg room?

When you ride for any length of time, you like to have plenty of room to move around in; so, so does kitty!

2. Safety
While cardboard carriers might cost less and cloth carriers will easily fold up and look smashing on the shelf, or tuck away easily when not in use, their sturdiness for any length of time might not be so cost-effective in the long-run.

Kitty could easily chew a hole in the cardboard, and the cloth carrier could swallow up a restless kitty, much like one of those hide-a-way beds.

A plastic carrier, then, would be the ideal selection—based, of course, on your wants and desires and kitty’s measurements.

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