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LightWeight Cat Litter by Tidy Cats

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Just yesterday I included a post here tidy-cats-LW-smabout the “new” Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter.

I’ve been very excited about this new litter; we were sent a sample to use. And so far, we’re pretty thrilled with it.

The “downside”, if any, was that I was not able to find it at our Super Target (Thursday) when I went to purchase it. Coincidentally, though, on Friday I received an email sale flyer from Target letting me they now had it for sale.

We have also have a Hy-Vee store in town, which was listed on the Tidy Cats Store Locator; as of Saturday, Hy-Vee did not yet have the LightWeight Cat Litter. I am hopeful they will be getting shipments eventually.

So, kitties, if you haven’t already, give your “beans” a special paw up to let them know about Tidy Cats LightWeight Cat Litter. You’ll love it!

Yours in enjoying LightWeight Tidy Cats cat litter,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Oh, and while you’re shopping, you might like to also get some new kitty litter scoops like these colorful ones by Duranimals Durascoop Cat Litter Scoop.

When Your Cat Is “Missing” the Box

Friday, February 5th, 2010

…and I don’t mean “he’s ‘pining’ for it!” funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-you
Whether you like it or not, if you’re a cat owner you may find a time when your “little boy ‘Snookums,’” or “sweet little girl, ‘Kitty Coo,’” is doing his or her “business” everywhere–but in the box!

While the “solid waste” on a carpet or freshly cleaned floor can be a considerable ruin to an otherwise good day, it’s the “bladder deposits” that have been known to wreak havoc on a regular daily routine.

Often, the first inclination is to yell and holler, you know the words, to “cut it out.” Or you might take off at a run to chase down kitty.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you may even give him an unsuspecting smack.

Alas, making the situation worse on so many levels!

Actually, before you get much more upset about this, here are some things to consider (in no particular order) that might be causing this behavior:


Cat Litter Box Management, Tip #5

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

And finally, we come to the last tip for Cat Litter Box Management. In case you missed the other four, they are
here: Tip 1, and Tip 2, Tip 3, and finally Tip 4,

5. Take kitty out of the box
As you can see, the running theme is like with kids, funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-youyou may have “plenty of help” when you’re cleaning the box.

Kitties are nosy by nature; they have to be “in the thick of things;” they always want to know what’s going on.

And if the “goings on” happen to interfere with or in some other way intrude upon something that’s his, he’ll want to be right there supervising.

Yours in creating your own kitty litter management tips,


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Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger and Lolcats

Tip #4 for Managing the Litter Box

Monday, February 1st, 2010

If you’ve been coming here regularly, you know for the last funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-you three days we’ve been discussing some tips you might use to manage your cat litter box. In case you want to refer back to them, you can find them here, here and here.

And now here’s #4.

4. Take kitty out of the box
When you’re cleaning the box, you will notice you have a helper who may or may not add to your box cleaning experience. So much so, you may have to take kitty out of the litter box a number of times.

Use a covered litter box
Kitties, too, like privacy when they do Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses
their bathroom duties so you might want to consider a kitty box with a lid/cover. Such a box does make it a bit cumbersome to clean, but it does help to give kitty some privacy.

In addition, some such boxes come with a filter area with a place where you can add a filter pad, which helps to mask or get rid of some of the odor. This also helps to keep the air around the box fresher.

If you do use a covered litter box, however, be sure to get one that’s large enough to give kitty enough room to move around in in order to get his business done without leaving some of “his business” on his back-end. (Experienced teacher here!)

We’ll finish up this series with Tip #5 tomorrow. So stop back here to get the end of the story!

Yours in choosing cat litter boxes,


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Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger and Lolcats.
Photo source: Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses

Cat Litter Tip #3

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

If you’re new here, for the last two days we’ve been funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-you talking about “Taking Care of and Maintaining the Litter Box” in five easy tips.

To catch you up, here are the first and second tips.

So, now we continue…

Tip #3. Take kitty out of the box
If you’re not paying complete attention to what you’re doing kitty will have found that “cleaning thing” so much fun the last time that he’ll come back soon enough again to see what you are doing.

Use scoopable litter
The scoopable litters are especially useful and cost-effective because you are able to scoop out the solid kitty refuse.

And when your kitty urinates, the litter will “clump” enough that you can just scoop that out, too. Different brands of litter act differently, though, so you may want to evaluate their effectiveness before you invest in the product.

For a different point of view, one of our readers, Ryan suggested in the “Comments” section of yesterday’s Tip #2 that we “forget” scoopable and instead use a mix of Cat Mews and Pine Litter.

Yours in figuring out ways to do the cat litter,


P.S. Tip #4 will be available early tomorrow morning. See you then!

Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger and Lolcats.

Litter Box Tips – #2

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Yesterday, I started a series of “tips” you might use on how to take care of the “cat litter box.” Today, I’m continuing that series with this (and I have three more tips to go, which I will post over the next three days so come back again)….

Tip 2. Take kitty out of the box
You’ve poured some fresh litter into the funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-you box, and spread it around evenly. Kitty hears the noise and comes skidding to investigate.

You then decide to either continue with your box duties as you were, or you say you’ll come back later.

Add clean litter
The litter you choose will, of course, be a brand of your choosing. However, litters are different on a number of levels. Some are scented, others are not.

Some are pea-sized gravel, crystal, or maybe a clay product, others are not; some are made from wheat or pine or some other “green” product. Some veterinarians, however, recommend that you use the clumping or scoopable litter.

Yours in choosing cat litter,


P.S. If you find your kitty more inclined to play in his box than you think he ought to, we have some things in our Romper Room to take his mind off all that gravel…

Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger – Lolcats

How to Clean and Manage the Litter Box – Tip 1

Friday, January 29th, 2010

For as many cats as there are in your house or at funny-pictures-mom-cat-is-angry-at-youyour neighbor’s, or for however many people you poll for their litter box routine, you’re likely to get that many different answers when you ask, “How do you clean and manage the litter box at your house?”

Because it might be nice to have “some standards” in mind when deciding to bring a new kitty into your home or because your kitty is now experiencing some different “bathroom habits” from that of his previous box behavior, these tips are designed to help you with your quest in designing the “ultimate” litter box refuse retrieval experience!

1. Take kitty out of the box
Before you can begin to clean the litter box, you will first have to remove kitty from the box. Sometimes kitty will play “hide and seek” in the litter box and scratch around in it, like he’s looking for something, or maybe he’s digging a hole to somewhere; perhaps China! So, remove kitty before you begin.

Add plastic box liner
Though not necessary, like some people, you may want to use a plastic liner in the litter box. And then spread the litter on top of the liner.

Make sure there is enough litter for kitty to be able to dig around in. When the litter’s dirty or emits an odor–you’ll know when you’re ready to clean the box—you’ll then lift the liner from the box, litter and all, to dispose of it.

With little to no muss or fuss!

Another tip awaits you tomorrow; see you then.

Yours in managing the litter box,


P.S. I’ve got four more tips on cleaning and managing your litter box. Which I will be posting here over the next four days! I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.

Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger

Cat Litter: Scoop, Clump or Toss

Monday, November 9th, 2009

I went to the pet store the other day. As soon as I walked in the door my nose knew the cat boxes had not been emptied!

Unfortunately, it smelled like it had been days since they were last cleaned. (In fact, it was so bad, I could not stand to stay at the pet area for lovin’ with the kitties.)

And this was with only four cats on display in the cages.

Now, we have four cats (at one time we had six) so I know all about how this works. It’s extremely important to keep the cages clean, not just for the sanitary aspect but to help keep the kitties in good health.

There are a lot of cat litter products on the market now so there really ought to be no reason for not keeping one’s cat boxes clean.

Now, your house is another story.

We usually use clumping cat litter. It’s scoopable, which clumps, and then we toss the clumps.

Saturday, though, we decided to try one of the “new” organic earth products on the market; to name a few, some litters are made from pine, some from shredded newspapers, some with granules of gravel, still others are made with or from sand.

We chose a litter made from pine trees.

I’m not so sure this was the way to go, though, because now when “the Boys” use the boxes instead of leaving traces of cat litter/gravel pebbles on the carpet, they track bits of shredded pine. And the teeny tiny bits of pine litter sticks in their fur (they’re Persians) and are carried about the house.

I don’t know, we may have to rethink this new kind of litter concept. I’m also thinking that Litterbox Furniture in the sidebar there is looking mighty fine.

Yours in taking care of kitty litter,


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