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Meowy Catsmas Gifts

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

2015-12-25-28-christopher-toyIn case you missed this week’s issue of Mews Nooz, we’re sharing Christopher’s story about how much he liked the gifts from Morris the cat!

It all came about because Morris the Cat and Friskies launched a new website, Live Well & Prospurr, and a 9Lives promotion in November to help cats and humans. Morris was also “pawing it forward” by donating meals to cats at the ASPCA. We/the Kids were asked to participate. So we said “yes!”

As a result, Morris provided us with a blog post that we could post at our blog, Kittens n Things, and in an earlier Mews Nooz edition.

Further, in return, Morris and Friskies gave to us free stuff for our “Morris mention”. A huge box arrived for The Boys and Hope about mid-December; we saved it to open Christmas day. You should have seen the “kids”.

The box contained a 12-can case assortment of 5.5-oz 9Lives Cat food – pate! A box of 6 small kitty toys including three mice; in addition, a toy wand with a feather, and a yarn ball. I removed three mice toys so they could immediately play with them, and “someone kitty” removed the ball when I wasn’t looking!

We also received a pet groomer brush; it’s in the shape of a horseshoe. It fastens onto an oval carpet stand. You put catnip in a hole in the bottom of the stand to attract the kitties. When they walk through the brush arch, they are able to scratch their backs and it removes loose cat hair.

Christopher ^^^ immediately grabbed on to one of the mice (they have feather tails and are catnip-stuffed, too). As he played with it on the floor he got a crazy catnip stupor look on his face, as he stared off into space.

What a great Christmas! I had gotten them some toy mice, too; after seeing what was in the box, though, I decided to save those for later.

And then, of course, they had two new big (shipping) boxes they could play in.

Yours in lovin’ opening gifts,

, “The Boys”, and Hope

P.S. The Pet Groomer Arch brush is available at Amazon through this affiliate link.)

Photo of Christopher taken Christmas day; he’s a bit of a reddish gold color and somewhat blends into the carpet. It’s difficult to tell where the mouse is in his arms, but it’s there!

Pick Up Your Toys, Boys!

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I thought sure Jonny had done a really good job of keeping track of his mouse, but he proved me wrong.

He likes to walk around with it in his mouth; it’s one of those little felt-type things with pink inside the ears. And a pink tail!

Or, if Jonny isn’t mauling that mouse, he’s scooting a ball with a bell in it around the house.

It seemed awfully quiet the other day (no jingling of the ball) and no seeing the mouse anywhere.

In fact, I’m wondering if Jonny even knew where his mouse was as he didn’t seem to be too concerned that I hadn’t seen it for a few days.

So I vacuumed!

And when I was done, Jonny’s mouse “fell out of the bottom of the vacuum cleaner”.

I swear, I did not see that mouse as I was vacuuming…so it must have been sucked up there somewhere from the last time I had vacuumed. Or, maybe when I put the vacuum cleaner away last time, I had sat it on top of el mouseo!

So lost is found, and I must say el mouseo has a scrape mark down the middle of his back. And I just don’t think that’s from too much loving from Jonny.

Must have been the vacuum cleaner!

Yours in finding lost el mouseos,

and “The Boys”

P.S. So, kitties, where do you find your toys?

Photo: Jonny – Thinking, “No wonder I couldn’t find my mouse!”

Cat Tarzan, You Jane

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

When you’ve gone into the kitchen and pulled your rambunctious kitty from the counter for the third time…

…or when you’ve caught your “little fur ball” hanging from the curtain by a thread, most likely it’s time for you to find

some way to channel kitty’s energy into something less boisterous and less destructive.

Now, if kitty were a ”kiddie,” you might be giving some serious thought right about now to giving a soft whack to kitty’s tail—to get his attention, don’t you know?!

Short of that, it may be a good idea to instead think about how to “occupy kitty’s mind.” After all, you do recall the saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop!”

In most instances, your cat can occupy himself,” really he can; it’s just that some of the time the way he occupies himself is contrary to how you think he ought to do it.

It’s that kid/cat thing!


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