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Happy 2 Year Gotcha Day, Phillip!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

It’s been two years today now since I drove 2.5 hours in a bit of foggy, rainy inclement weather to get Phillip.

And then spent another hour or so at the Animal Shelter waiting to see him and then to get him processed so he could leave with me on his way to his furever home.

He “cried a lot” on the way back home.

Phillip had lived all of his six years in a home with two children who had grown to teenagers, and their mother. The mother was no longer able to care for him (she was not well) so she had put him up for adoption at the Shelter.

I like to think we’ve been a “match made in heaven”, but I know that’s not quite true. We have had some get used to each other issues.

A lot of those have been associated with the blending with the four brothers and one sister, Shelter kitties as well, I also managed to bring home over the last two years.

Phillip does like to sleep in bed with me at night. He also loves to sleep on my lap and legs when I’m on the couch. So we’ve got some serious bonding going on.

Yours in lovin’ kitty adoptions,

, “The Boys”, and Hope

P.S. Christopher’s two-year Gotcha Day is fast coming up, too – the 26th!

Happy “Really” Birthday, Phillip!

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Phillip-ARLAfter having to “hang my head in shame” earlier this week, as I realized I had forgotten to publicly (here at Kittens ‘ Things) acknowledge the “Gotcha Days” of Hope and Brody (June 10), I am striving to “turn over a new ‘memory’ leaf”. (Fingers crossed!)

That said, today is Phillip’s “really” birthday. He was born August 8, 2008! (His Gotcha Day is in December.)

So, Phillip, firrst kitty of mine in the new crew, Happy 8th Birthday!

Yours in remembering kitty birthdays and Gotcha Days,

, “The Boys”, and Hope

P.S. I did finally manage to post about Hope and Brody’s Gotcha Day here yesterday.

Redirecting Kitty Thinking

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

2016-01-19-CB-rumbleIf a kitty on your counter is an issue for you, there are several solutions you could try to keep him or her on the floor.

1. Make the counter less appealing. Some folks use double-sided tape placed randomly on the counter. It will stick onto your kitty’s feet; he’ll be surprised and try to get it off. It is not harmful to the feet.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to keep the tape on the counter indefinitely, especially since it would be in your way when you’re trying to prepare meals or if you’re wanting to use the counter for other activities.

2. Redirect your kitty’s mood to jump. This has sometimes been done by “sound”. Put pennies or rocks or cans inside cans and shake the can when you see your kitty get into the jump up position. It will startle him and it is hoped make him decide it’s not so important to be on the counter after all. If you don’t have a can, you could clap your hands or even make PSST sounds. Anything noisy that catches your kitty’s attention.

The drawback with this method is that you’ll have to watch your kitty over a period of time in order to tell when he’s about to make his move to the counter. (more…)

“Hide ‘n Seek” Done Gone Wrong!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

2015-12-25 07.11.12Monday morning Phillip was upstairs with me as I was getting ready to go to Curves.

He then led the way down the steps, staying about three ahead of me.

Brody was at the foot of the stairs, behind the window curtain. While I didn’t see him, I think Phillip did as he ended up in a high-jump leap, skipping the last three steps to the bottom, then took off into the living room at a run. With Brody in “hot pursuit”.

The two of them then got into a major paws lock and proceeded to roll around on the floor. With me chasing after them in top voice.

Fortunately, when any of the kits get into disagreements, none will do the screechy cat thing. Instead they go for some pretty loud hissing and heavy breathing.

After a few rolls around, Phillip tried to get away from Brody, who was having none of that. He chased Phillip to the end-table in the living room with the lamp where Phillip planned to disappear behind the couch.

In doing so, Phillip knocked over the lamp, the bulb blew out, and the portable telephone thudded to the floor. (Thankfully, the glass lamp shade did not break!)

Brody disappeared to I know not where! Although the last I saw him at that time, he was giving the space behind the couch where Phillip went to ground a second glance!

Yours in kitties in hiding,

, “The Boys” and Hope

Photo of Brody Christmas Day, when he was being good! And waiting for the presents.

Happy “1st” Gotcha Day Celebration

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

GE DIGITAL CAMERAOn a Saturday a “snowy” year ago today, I drove 100 miles or so to the animal shelter in Des Moines to get Phillip.

Generally, when the weather is snowy, blowy, sleety, icy, windy, and all that, I and “my wheels” DO NOT leave town, let alone the house and garage. Yet, here I was on the road to get Phillip.

It was quite the experience, and not just because of the weather. In fact, I’m not sure I’d repeat it – alone, at least.

It was super busy; it’s a huge shelter and they were also having a “spa day” for bunnies and guinea pigs. In addition to dollars off for woofies and kitties for Christmas. The doors didn’t open until 11 a.m. I likened it to a “cattle call”.

Phillip was certainly larger in person than he appeared in his photo posted on the Internet by the shelter. So much so that when I first saw him, I thought “Oh my, he’s huge!”. Almost like, “What have I done?” I’m really glad I got him, though, even if I can barely carry him, especially when he’s in the carrier.

He has “filled out” to 15lb-2oz, and most of the time is very laid back. He’s not just a tall cat, he’s a long one as well. He loves to sleep with me at night. You’d think that when he jumped up onto the bed, you’d be in for a jar; but you hardly know he’s landed.

I also barely hear a verbal sound from him, even when he’s waiting for something to eat. At those times, occasionally, he’ll make a strange, sort of high-pitch sound. It definitely does not sound meow-like!

All that aside, today we’re celebrating Phillip’s Gotcha Day, and we’re all glad we’ve got each other.

Yours in celebrating Phillip,

and “The Boys” and Hope

World Cat Day!

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Just think! Two special things going on today: Phillip’s 7th birthday and

World Cat Day Badge 2015

Double celebrations!

Yours in celebrating World Cat Day,

, “The Boys” and Hope

P.S. “World Cat Day Celebration” graphic courtesy of the totally awesome Ann Adamus at Zoolatry. Thanks, Ann.

Happy “Really” Birthday, Phillip

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

happy-birthday-cakeGE DIGITAL CAMERA Phillip is proud to have me announce that his “really” birthday is today!

(“Really” because a few months ago, I learned from the microchip company where his previous owner got his microchip, that August 8, 2008, was the actual date of his birth.)

So, we get to celebrate two birthdays for him; this one today and his “Gotcha Day” in December.

We’re having cake and I found some new food at PetCo that we’re trying. And shhhh, there’s a new toy in hiding!

Yours in celebrating kitty birthdays,

and “The Boys” and Hope

Hug Your Kitty Day

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Today’s one of the bestest days ever; it’s “Hug Your Kitty Day”.

Although if you’re like me, you don’t need a special day to give out the hugs.

GE DIGITAL CAMERANevertheless, it’s nice to have the special day.

And, Phillip < << and ^^^ Christopher are certainly basking in the love and giving out paw bumps and high fives! So let's hear it for Hug Your Kitty Day!

Yours in hugging on your kitties,

and “The Boys”

Two Months

Friday, February 20th, 2015

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday marks two months since Phillip joined our furmily.

Earlier this week, he and Christopher were engaging in some really serious “acting out” behavior.

Fortunately, no lives or limbs were lost, although Phillip did come up short some of his furs!

Often there are tufts of fur on the carpet in the living room or bedroom. Most likely an indication Phillip and Christopher were showing their mettle!

It also didn’t take long for Phillip to learn how to get me to do his bidding!

Yours in your kitties mellowing out,

and “The Boys”

P.S. To pass the long winter days, Phillip and Christopher both sometimes like to chase around the house with the SkitterCritter catnip mouse toy. Maybe you can pacify your kitty with one, too.

What a difference a month makes

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday (if you go by dates) is one month since Phillip’s “Gotcha Day”. (On the other hand if you’re counting weeks, it’s actually a little more than a month.)

Nevertheless, I wanted to share some progress where he is concerned.

We think the biggest breakthrough is that Phillip NO LONGER hides under the couch in the living room. He is also less spooked!

He is sleeping on the spare bed at night where before he would get under it. Phillip is welcome to sleep with me but, alas, Christopher seems to have a corner on the bed property! Although Phillip has recently ventured onto the bed with me (and Christopher) for as long as 10 minutes. (Since Phillip was here first, he had choice spot on the bed at night with me but when Christopher came along he took over the bed. Sometimes even I’m vying for a spot!)

We do have lots of “bonding” time where Phillip will sit on my lap (as much as he can as he’s really huge and hangs over it a bit). He’s even gotten so when he’s on the floor stretched out he’ll show his tummy floof! And glorious floof it is!

Sometimes I’ll hear thumping and what sounds like pounding going on upstairs. When I go to investigate, I discover Phillip playing with one of the catnip toys. Or he’s jumping in and out of the bathtub!

Of course, there are still the hisses and swats; some of that may be because he and Christopher are staking territory. I do continue to be concerned about their claws, especially if either of them gets the evil eye around Billy.

All in all, we think we’re a match made in Heaven and we’re keeping us all!

Yours in Phillip settling in,

and “The Boys”

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