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Cat Claws Go Here!

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

cat-scratching-carpet-floorWith the addition of my “new furmily”, all with claws, I have had to make some adjustments in how I interact with them. (My arms and legs, especially, are looking like road maps so I suppose I ought to consider more changes where the “kits” are concerned. Even the top of my head and my face have not been exempt from a claw scratch or two!)

While I do have numerous objects around the house they can use for their scratching activities, like the corrugated cardboard track toy (with a ball in the track), and the sisal rope scratcher, and another corrugated cardboard post, it seems the carpet and the sides of the living room couch are more of a draw for them.

Hope does like to reach out and stretch up to scratch the side of any cardboard box that happens to be in her sight.

So I’ve taken to just leaving a box or two around so she has easy access to them.

Of course, you can also purchase a cat tree as most of them have the carpet or rope as part of their design.

For your part, you can put the cat tree or other scratching device near where your kitty hangs out when sleeping so she’ll have easy access when she awakes.

More tips on how to guide your cat’s claws are here. Take a look. (more…)


Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Look familiar?


Like this little one, “The Boys” are great at finding places where they can get caught up on their sleep.

Yours in an extra “Z” or two,

and “The Boys”

Photo source: LOLCats

The Medicine Plan

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

cat-pill2I’ve talked quite a bit lately about the need for me to give Mikey and Jonny medication on various occasions. (You’ve probably experienced the same need with your kitty.)

It was a lot easier when Chuck and I together could see that “The Boys” got their “dose” because one of us held the cat in question and the other would “try” to administer the pill, the drop, the dab, the whatever.

Now that it’s just “me and ‘the Boys'”, it’s a bit of a challenge to get the job done. With both of us still in tact.

Aside from daily trips to the vet, some hints to help you manage the “medicine administration” safely and soundly for all concerned include:

Spend time with your cat; play with her, hold her–at times other than when it’s time to give the meds. In other words, you don’t want your kitty associating being held in a certain way with time for you to jam the pill in her mouth or to drop a dab of something in her eye.

Ready Freddie
When it’s time to give whatever the medication is, make sure you’re all set to go before you track down and hold your cat. Is the cap off the tube? Is the liquid measured out and in the dispenser? Is the pill at the ready? (more…)

Focus, focus

Monday, January 20th, 2014

billy_mikey_onbox2Perhaps like some of you, I have occasions where I get a little scatter-brained or tend to be a bit loopy. At those times, Chuck used to encourage me to “focus, focus”.

And so I still try to remember this mantra when I’m going about my day doing various activities.

One such activity the other day had to do with Mikey and Billy as they ate breakfast. I had just returned from Curves and knew it was time to give Mikey his “ear drops”. (Actually, it’s a medicated cream for his hyperthyroidism that I put onto the inside of his ear.)

As Mikey ate, I decided it would be a perfect time to give him his medication as he would be distracted from what I was doing.

So I got the applicator ready and then bent down to put the cream on his ear. But he balked a bit; like he was saying, “leave me alone, I want to eat”. I’m glad he did, as when he looked up at me, I realized I was in the process of getting ready to put the medication into Billy’s ear!

Yours in paying attention to your kitty,

and “The Boys”

Photo: Mikey, front right; Billy, back left

Wet or Dry? One Clump or Two?

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

cat-litter-box-toilet.-small-2While it’s not exactly feasible monetarily or physically to parade your cat off to the vet on a daily basis, you can pay attention to some of the clues that might be cause for pause (not “paws).

Check the litter box regularly

Now that doesn’t mean you have to police your kitty or sit guard beside the litter box for hours on end but just that you can look for clues to your kitty’s health while you’re cleaning up your “kitty’s duty”.

Be aware of your cat’s box routine and scoop and check the box daily. Pay attention to the number of urine spots in any given day. Are there more or less? If your kitty does not make urine spots for two consecutive days, something might be wrong.

Little or a spotty urine output is “a sign” that you ought to study the situation a bit more. Degenerative kidney disease, cystitis, inflammation of the bladder or urethral obstructions are all common problems with kitties that are getting up there in age.

Not only that, if you’re seeing (and smelling) a lot more fecal activity – like diarrhea or hard stools or stomach upset – your kitty may be experiencing an infection or disease.

So if you do see one or any of these red flags, get in touch with your vet as soon as possible. (more…)

Cheaper by the dozen

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

two-kitty-love-sm Quite a few years ago, 16, to be exact, when Chuck and I were “adding to our furmily” (a couple kitties at a time), the lady we got them from asked us if we were “going for ‘cheaper by the dozen'”.

And by the time we ended up, we had 6!

Actually, we had some of the same thought processes that many “new pawrents” might–such as for us it’s a good idea to adopt two cats at the same time so they can keep each other company, especially if you work or are otherwise away from home for any length of time.

Now whether the lady had posed that to us or not, we would still have gotten more than one as they were the cutest little furballs and we loved them before we even met them–she had sent their photos to us.

However, in the veterinarian realm of things, Oscar E. Chavez, DVM, MBA, Member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, postulates, “The general answer would be no, don’t get two cats, unless they are young and of similar age, and/or were raised together.”

He further states, “It’s more likely to stress your cat out than provide a companion.” Says Dr. Chavez, “People assume cats do well in multiple cat households, but that’s far from the truth. Cats are not small dogs. They are not pack animals, and they prefer to be solitary most of the time.”

Love ’em or Leave ’em – Part 2

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

static-catYesterday, I began a post that coincided with a blurb in our recent issue of Mews Nooz. It got a bit long, so I decided to break it into parts.

This then is Part 2–and the rest of the story, so to speak!

What if you knew of someone who recently became a cat pawrent. He really, really loves his kitty until… there’s cat hair all over the house. So now he’s talking about getting rid of his cat. (Now in fairness to him, he is a very large man who has some physical challenges that make it difficult for him to get down and up like he would like to to clean up after his fur child.

This brings to mind something else to think about when looking to add a fur being to your household. In fact, there really are some very specific things to consider; it’s not just the “cuteness” or the “cuddlyness”.

You Can Lead A Horse to Water…

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

And, in case you don’t know or can’t remember, the rest of that cat-drinking-water-faucet-sm saying is “but you can’t make them drink”!

Thus enter your precious feline.

Sometimes, as you know, it can be difficult to get your kitty to drink. Maybe she’s under the weather. Perhaps she’s finicky because the water is too stale or not cold enough.

Whatever the reason might be, you may never know. But it’s still crucial that you keep plenty of fresh water on hand at all times for your cat to help to keep her hydrated!

Especially if she or he has been unwell. As with you, who may not want to drink anything when you’re ill, so too your kitty might shy away from the water dish at such times.

If this happens at your house, it’s important for you to try to come up with different ways that might work to get water into your cat. (more…)

There’s A Pill In the Keyboard

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Mikey, as you may remember, has a heart murmur. So because of this,GE DIGITAL CAMERA it is necessary that I give him a quarter of a pill daily.

I’ve gotten pretty good about getting that pill down him – most days.

However, I suppose if you’d look around the house later in the day you might see what I see, a quarter of a pill. In fact, sometimes I’ve found them days later.

The question then becomes what day’s pill is that?

In fact, as I was typing this post I found one of the pills in my computer keyboard. No wonder Mikey likes resting his head on it!

It seems to me I’m going to have to try a different tack in pill distribution.

We do have one of those “pill shooter” things and we’ve also put pills in the cat food, both solutions worked with the others over the years so I’ll be revisiting those.

Yours in giving your kitty a pill,

and “The Boys”

P.S. While the Pill Gun is a good resource to use to give a cat pills, I am still going to work at getting Mikey’s pills in him without it.

Needles: Tests and Shots!

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

If you’re been watching the news and reading the anothercat newspapers these days, you know we/the U.S. is pretty much in a flu epidemic. And so, flu “shots” have been available nationwide for the folks.

But what safe health measures are in place for the kitties?

While kitties aren’t known for being prone to contracting the flu, they can get some other human diseases. And one of the easiest ways to detect a kitty’s health, particularly the senior’s health, is through a blood test.

This blood test is especially useful, since many of the diseases an older cat can get do not show up as symptoms until it’s too late to help your kitty.

So a trip to the vet on a regular basis, where, among other things, the kitty gets a blood test, can show whether she has renal failure, blood issues (like leukemia), diabetes, etc.

If these Medications are available for your kitty, if something abnormal shows up in the blood.

Yours in scheduling regular trips to the vet,

and “The Boys”

P.S. For more tips for taking care of your kitty, check out Marty Becker’s guide, Your Cat: The Owner’s Manual: Hundreds of Secrets, Surprises, and Solutions for Raising a Happy, Healthy Cat

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