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National Pet Day

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

If you caught this week’s Mews Nooz, you know I shared some tried and tested cleaning tips from Debra Johnson, home cleaning expert for Merry Maids for today’s National Pet Day. With these, Debra says, “all pet owners can celebrate the incredible animal companions in their lives, worry free!

And so here are three other tips that were not included in today’s issue of Mews Nooz:

Organize your pet supplies

• Designate a place near the door where you will keep items needed when walking your dog. This would include things like leashes, pick up bags and cloths to wipe wet or muddy paws before coming indoors.

• Store food in smaller, more manageable containers, and stash the larger bags elsewhere.

Keep food area tidy

• Place a mat underneath food and water bowls to catch any overflow as well as to keep bowls stationary when dog/cat is eating.

Don’t forget your pet’s bed!

• Keep your pet’s bedding clean and fresh, and you’ll help cut down on the amount of stray hairs elsewhere as well as keeping your pet healthy. Vacuum the bed often, even those that are washable.

Yours in celebrating National Pet Day,

and “The Boys”

Halloween Fright Night

Monday, October 27th, 2014

halloween-kittyThe other day I started a post with tips on how to help your kitty have a fun Halloween night; it included ideas on how you might have a bit of piece of mind because of it.

However, the tips list became a bit longer than I wanted for one post so I divided the points into four different ideas. Here then is the second tip.

In or out. We’ve been fortunate (for us) enough that all of The Boys (and those that came before them) have for the most part (with an exception or two) been indoor cats.

But if you have a kitty that gets the wanderlust and has to be outside on any given occasion, Halloween is a time when you might want to curb his enthusiasm (even briefly) for the great outdoors as there may be more cars on the road at Halloween.

Additionally, black kitties may find it a bit more difficult to manage outside; they are more prone to animal cruelty during Halloween festivities.

Come by tomorrow to get another tip for sharing Halloween with a kitty.

Yours in keeping your kitty safe at Halloween,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Just in case you get a notion to dress up your kitty for Halloween, this Lion Mane Wig for Dog/Cat Halloween Dress up with Ears looks like a fun time.

Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger

Ack, ack, ack!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

puke-kitty-68fThat’s the sound of the kitty’s voice that can get you out of bed in a hurry or have you running from the other room to see which one it is (if you have more than one kitty), at the same time you’re grabbing for the clean up tools and hairball remedy stuff.

We’ve had days when it seemed like one or the other of our furries was giving me a workout every time I turned around.

The good news for us is that ALL of our “Boys” really like the hairball remedy solutions; so much so that when I give any to one the other is right there extending his paw, too, so he can get his share. (It was also that way when we had 6 kitties in our household at one time.)

It’s good that your kitty can get that gob out of his system (whether forward or from behind), as if left in her tummy and digestive tract it could cause all kinds of issues.

You may be able to lessen the hairball activity by brushing your kitty on a regular/daily basis. Or maybe even by giving her a nutritional supplement (think vitamins); as like with us humans sometimes kitties don’t get the right amount of essential fatty acids and fiber from their food. (Although looking at the cat food selections in the stores these days, that lack may be changing.)

In addition to possibly needing human grooming and supplements intervention, your kitty’s hairball issue could instead be the result of some physical problem. Which means a trip to your Vet might also be something to consider to rule out a blockage or some other concern.

Yours in kitty sounds,

and “The Boys”

P.S. “The Boys” think Sentry Petromalt Malt Flavored Cat Hairball Remedy is paw-lickin’ good!

The Kitty and the Houseplant

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

snowflakce-caught-smallIs this you? One day you have a healthy plant, the next day the leaves are hanging by bits and pieces and the only thing left to do is toss it in the trash bin.

That scenario reminds me of Snowflake and why I gave up having plants sitting within reach of kitty paws.

I love indoor plants and years ago had them all over the house. I was especially fond of the bookcase shelves where I had many and various sized plants. They were beautiful; apparently Snowflake thought so, too, as she made it a point to regularly get onto the shelves, walk all over the plants, or, if they were in her way, bat them off the shelf with her paw.

Eventually “she won out” as I chose to put those that were left on a plant pole. In the bathroom! (As the Boys have aged, I have been able to now have a plant on top of the TV.)

Plants tattered at the mercy of kitty teeth and paws mean someone maybe needs some hands laid on! But wait before you spank. (more…)

Cat Grooming Tips

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

catshowercap-smIf your cat(s) is anything like Mikey and Billy (or any of the others we’ve had over the years), your furry feline knows when to clean upf; take his bath and wash his face.

Sometimes, though, the washing up may take some intervention.

Case in point; Snowflake. She was a “barnyard cat” and came to us with fleas and ear mites. Of course, we did not know this until we got her home!

So into the bathtub she had to go, Chuck went with her. She looked like a drowned rat and, needless to say, she was not happy.

After that, for the most part, she kept her all white coat spic and span. Except once or twice she would roll around on the driveway. And become a “gray” kitty. (She was not really an outdoor kitty but occasionally, when we were outside, we would let her nose around a bit.)

Mikey likes to take his tongue bath after he eats. He’ll start with his face, paws and then move around on his whole body. The whole process sometimes seems like it takes hours. And if you touch him while he’s bathing, he will start over.

Jonny would clean his face and paws and then he’d be done! (more…)

Kitty’s got the blues

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

depressed-kitty_smI don’t know about you, but sometimes when it’s cloudy or rainy or snowy or even somewhat cold, I can get a little bit down in the dumps!

And as you and I know, kitty can have some “down” days as well.

The difference with them and us is, as a rule, we know why we’re dealing with “the blues”.

Kitty hasn’t a clue why things are not going well for her, why she’s sad, and worse she can’t tell you why.

So it’s up to us to try to figure out what’s going on.

If she’s a finicky eater, if you’ve changed her food or have not given her enough to eat (she’s hungry, people), that may set her into a funk.

Like you, she might also react to the weather. Lack of “sun puddles” may cause her to be mopey.

How’s she getting along with her brothers and sisters (if she has any)? Maybe they’ve recently had a tiff, she didn’t get her way and so is actually pouting because of the outcome. (more…)

Does your cat need the vet? Tip

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

cat-pill2If you’re a regular reader of Mews Nooz, you know that in the October 5 issue and again in yesterday’s blog post, I started a series of “mini-tips” (to be published here over five days) with “food for thought” to help you decide whether to call the vet for your kitty.

Today, here are a couple of tips about “the gums” and “mopey cat”.

Color of your gums

Sometimes when you feel blue or have lost energy, you dig out the mirror, lift up your upper lip or pull down your lower eyelid to study the membranes. Oftentimes, a pale pink signifies that you ought to be concerned with your state of health and contact your doctor. Likewise, the color of your kitty’s gums, whether it’s pale, white, blue or yellow warrants a call to your vet. (more…)

Decisions, decisions: do you need the vet?

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

cat-pill2If you’re a cat mom or cat dad, you know there may be times when your kitty seems to just “mope” around the house, leaving you at a loss in wondering if something could be wrong with her.

Your natural inclination might be to want to take her to the vet then and there, but if she’s a regular moper, that could get to be an expensive and cumbersome chore. Your vet may even come to think one of you is a hypochondriac!

In view of the not knowing, over the next few days I’m sharing (in little bits) some tell-tale signs you can be on the look-out for when it comes to your furbie’s health needs:

Hot or cold

While I have yet to take any of our cats’ temperature in all the years we’ve had cats (we’ve left that up to the vet and his rectal thermometer), a cat’s body temperature is 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Temps below 99 or over 104 are in the range that mean a call to the vet is in order.

I’ve got four more tips to share with you; stop back tomorrow to get another tip.

Yours in your kitty’s best interest,

and “The Boys”

P.S. Until my next tip, check out Paulette Cooper’s has a handy little book of 277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know.

* * * * *
Note: These tips are for your consideration. If at any time you think something is out of the ordinary health-wise for your kitty, your veterinarian is just a telephone call away.

When your cat no longer plays…

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

cat-blankie-sm2Your little furry feline furriend has kept you entertained by her numerous and various antics like running and jumping and skidding across the floor… Or when she chases a ball with a bell inside… Or because she’s trying to reach the red dot that you flick around on the wall…

Maybe she’s tearing about with her brothers or sisters. Or hanging with the big kids she uses the back of the chair as a teeter-totter.

And more than a hundred more examples you can think of.

For some reason, though, you’ve noticed the frolicking seems to have come to a screeching halt! And you’re at a loss to know why.

If you’re like me (and others), you could ask her but chances are the answer you get will be a sad look that leaves you more in the dark. Since cats have a tendency to “keep their feelings to themselves”, you’ll be at a loss to know why she is out of sorts.

If she’s “off feed” (not eating in her usual quantities or “favorites”) or sleeping more than usual, she may be depressed. Perhaps she has some physical malady. Older cats sleep lots so just sleeping more does not necessarily signal something is amiss.

Your kitty may also have just become bored with her toys; there could even be a problem with her playmates. (more…)

Hidden Household Cat Poisons

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Guest post: Dorian Wagner, The Daily Cat, Your Daily Cute

cat-poison-picYou do your best to ensure you feed your cat the right food, give it plenty of water, and make sure it has a comfortable bed to sleep in and a pile of toys to play with.

While you assume your home is a safe and happy place, you may have some surprising things around that are toxic, and even fatal, to your cat.

Aside from the well-known poisons that lurk in your kitchen cabinets and garage — household cleaners, bleach, detergents, pool chemicals, paint thinner — there are some less obvious toxins that could do just as much harm. Below is a quick list of some common threats you might have in your home.

In the Kitchen
Many people don’t see any harm in slipping their cat a bit of their dinner (he’s begging!), but many spices and foods we cook with are poisonous to cats, to different degrees. Never allow your cat to have onions or onion powder; chives; garlic; grapes; mustard seeds; grapefruit, lemon, limes and other citrus fruits; chocolate; coffee; or chicken bones. (more…)

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