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Purina FortiFlora

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

cat-paw-small“The Boys,” our “Cat Seen Investigators” (aka CSI), like nosing around the Internet for really cool toys and new kitty litter, and other stuff of interest to all their kitty friends.

A while ago, Mikey and I made yet another tip to the vet when he again was not eating (or at least not when I was looking) and his stools were somewhat splatty; they also had a few traces of blood. Uh oh!

During the course of the visit, the vet took blood and urine samples. The good news is both tests had positive results, and he had gained a few ounces!

However, since at that time Mikey was experiencing the diarrhea, the vet suggested we try him on some pro-biotics for a time to help to settle things down. She prescribed Purina FortiFlora, and said you just “sprinkle it on the food”. She added that if his brothers would happen to get that food it won’t hurt them.

Well, let me tell you the others (they all) absolutely love FortiFlora. (more…)

“Bad Cat” Day

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

In many ways, cats and kitties are much like you are with family and friends.

Some days, they like each other; and other days, they don’t!

With four, we often see the gamut of emotions and territory issues. If you find your cats don’t get along, you might try to figure out what happened to “upset the apple cart!”

Around here, I might ask, “Did Mikey try to take Jonny’s ball?” Or, “Did Mikey try to scootch Billy off my lap so he could sit there when Billy was really there first?”

A more pressing territorial issue, though, might be the cause of upset in your cat household; particularly, if you consider how your cats originally came together in the first place.

Did you introduce them gradually? Did you supervise them during the transition? Did something happen while they were first getting acquainted?

If your kitty is not feeling well (and yes, he may have times when he might not be as spunky as usual), he may just want to be left alone.

And if one of his brothers or sisters comes along and wants to play, trouble with a capital T might ensue.

If your kitties do “get into it!” you may have to order a “time out” for them until they can play nice.

Yours in supervising kitty,

Garbage Bags Make A Really Bad Idea As a Litter Box Liner

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

If you’re like a lot of us, sooner or later you may be tempted to use a plastic to line your cat litter box.

After all, the bags are relatively inexpensive, they come in varying sizes, and they are easy to get.

You can purchase a box of garbage bags, or they enter your house as a carrying container for your groceries or some of the other products you purchase.

Whether you use garbage bags from a box or recycle plastic bags, both are really, really bad ideas!

In each instance, kitty may break through the plastic while in the box with his or her paws–with or without claws!

With holes in the plastic, kitty urine may seep through the plastic to the bottom of the litter box. Which will then, of course, just sit in the litter box!

And not smell so good!

In some situations, as in what has sometimes happened with our four, there may be a time when kitty will try to eat the plastic.

Thus, also tearing holes in the plastic and making way for bits of the plastic bag to maybe get into a nosy kitty’s tummy!

As a really nice alternative, you might try a covered box.

Yours in finding ways to take care of litter boxes,

P.S. If you find your kitty more inclined to play in his box than you think he ought to, we have some things in our Romper Room to take his mind off all that gravel.

Photo source: I Can Has Cheezburger – Lolcats

Cat Water Hog, Part 1

Monday, March 8th, 2010

In another life, you may call him a “camel!”

Instead, he’s sitting there looking like a kitty–in front of his water dish–when you walk past the room where you keep the dish of water.

Staring the water in the eye!

So you fill up his dish with fresh water, and he watches you walk away.

You go back later and there he is again! And again and again!


And each time, you load up the dish with water!

Sooner or later, it’s time to have a serious discussion with kitty about his “drinking habits.”

In fact, better yet, it may be time to consult with the vet–via telephone, or perhaps more appropriately, through a cat physical examination.

It’s not normal for kitty to have a never-ending thirst; so, this means much like you, kitty could be experiencing some health issues.

But first, rule out such things as:

• Dry air
Though dry air is not exactly a malady to threaten kitty’s health, it could cause kitty to have to drink more water than usual. With furnaces running, houses are often drier inside, and kitty might experience the need to drink more. This can also hold true in summer when the outside air is dry.

• Food related
Although not a usual ailment, your kitty may be drinking more water than usual because you’ve changed his food. Perhaps there’s more salt or sodium in the food. And if you’ve been feeding kitty with your food, he may be extra thirsty because of food choices of your food for him.

Since this article in its entirety is a bit lengthy, it will be continued over the next two days.

Yours in taking care of your kitty,

P.S. In the meantime, though, catch up on another of our kitty health blog posts like “Hairball S-O-S.”

Video source: Bellagattacat @ YouTube

You’ve got a cat; now what? – again

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Yesterday, I started a blog post, You’ve Got a Cat; Now What? that became a bit unwieldy in length so I decided to split it into several different posts. This post is the second part of that really long article…

So here she is, you say; your “Little Miss “Don’t’ Tell Me What to Do” or where to sit! I’ll do what I want when I want and when I’m good and ready!”

If your new fur ball is a kitten, how you take care of the wiggly fur will be considerably different from how you’d look after an old-timer cat in the 4, 5 or 6 year range, and beyond.

Although there is also a sameness to any age cat’s care, and that is that you want to see they eat and drink regularly. And if they’re inside cats, you’ll make sure they use the box—and I mean USE THE BOX!

For your part, from day one you’ll want to pay attention over the years to how your cat or kitten looks…as in is she too fat or too thin?

By some standards, Jonny Cat here in our household might be considered “too fat.” But last time we checked, he tipped the scale at about 10 pounds. (According to the cat breeder, between 7-10 pounds is about average for a Persian.)

If you look at Jonny from the top—where you are standing over him and looking down–from the back with him facing away from you—his tummy appears to “bow”-out, like a cow’s. And when he lumbers around the house, his tummy “sways.”

Jonny’s really just stocky—you know, that word you may have used to describe yourself from time to time—you’re not fat, you’re just stocky.

That’s it for now. So come back tomorrow about this time for a couple more tips.

Yours in keeping kitty well,


P.S. And before you leave, drop your first name and email address in the box to the right to get our ebook, “Choosing and Caring for a Cat Naturally.” You’ll also receive periodic complimentary mailings of “kitty” news.

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