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The fountain was a wash!

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

drinkwell-drinking-fntnI must have the strangest cats in the world! Or so it seems.

And that bit about how curiosity killed the cat has nothing to do with our three; none of them has any curiosity in their bones at all!

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times over the years, Mikey and Billy do like to play around with the water from the bathtub faucet. (That all started several years ago when the faucet dripped for quite a while before we finally called the plumber.)

Mikey got used to sitting under the drip to drink, while Billy would get on the edge of the tub, lean over, turn his head sideways and up to get his drink that way. (Sometimes it would go down the wrong pipe or up his nose and he’d end up coughing!)

Because of their antics, I finally decided I’d get them a water fountain like this, designed for cats, that they could drink from. Actually, it’s a really neat thing–at least I thought so. But none of them, Jonny included, was interested in it. (It’s electric and cycles water through it, allowing the water to ripple.) There was hardly any noise, and it really was all around nice.

Initially, Billy seemed to be the most intrigued, although that’s not saying much. At least he stood and watched the running water for a few seconds.

I returned it, though, as otherwise the fountain didn’t get the time of day! And Mikey and Billy still expected regular water delivery from the tub faucet!

Yours in watching kitties drink,

and “The Boys”

Photo source: Amazon

Voting for Friskies Video Contest Semi-Finalists Now On

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Friskies-2013-video-award-smFriskies, about The Friskies “Best Cat Video of 2013” contest.

You may recall that a month ago I posted in Mews Nooz and here about The Friskies search for cat videos made by people and kitties like you and me.

Well, Christine tells me “Friskies and the contest judges have selected 20 Semi-Finalists to compete for a spot as one of 12 Finalists.” I’ll be posting more information here at Kittens ‘n Things as I get it, or repeat some of this here and in Mews Nooz.)

Voting is now open through noon ET, September 16, 2013, so get your voting paw or fingers ready, your favorite treats (cat munchies or pop corn), find a soft spot to relax and watch those videos. Then choose your favorites!

$25,000 is on the line here! “Four Category winners and one Fan Favorite winner will be awarded the money. AND a gold-plated Catuette trophy.”

So let’s help make it happen!

Yours in watching cat videos and voting our favorites,

and “The Boys”

P.S. We’re pretty certain you’re going to be pretty busy watching those videos from now until September 15. However, we also think you might want a “7th-inning stretch” to get the kinks out! So, here’s a bit of fun where you can direct your attention–it’s the FroliCat DART Laser Pet Toy

Final Days of TheFriskies 2013 Cat Video Award Show Contest

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

In case you haven’t heard, the Friskies “2013 Cat Video Award” contest comes to an end July 15, 2013.

It’s not too late to enter!

For a chance to be eligible for $25,000 in cash prizes, you “build a video” of your cat and submit it by July 15 to Friskies.


The award show will be held in New York City October 15, 2013; it will be broadcast live at

In addition, Friskies is participating in a “Share to Care” giving back program where they will award more than 25,000 cans of Friskies cat food to 20 partner animal-rescue organizations nationwide throughout the term of the contest.

Interested? Grab your favorite kitty, your video camera, and create your original (up to) 2-minute video of him or her being your special funny or adventurous furball self!

For all the details and to enter, get thee to Friskies now and no later than July 15.

Yours in viewing kitty videos,

and “The Boys”

P.S. While you’re creating your video, your kitty may just need a “snack” to keep up her strength. So try one of these.

Graphic source: Friskies

You Can Lead A Horse to Water…

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

And, in case you don’t know or can’t remember, the rest of that cat-drinking-water-faucet-sm saying is “but you can’t make them drink”!

Thus enter your precious feline.

Sometimes, as you know, it can be difficult to get your kitty to drink. Maybe she’s under the weather. Perhaps she’s finicky because the water is too stale or not cold enough.

Whatever the reason might be, you may never know. But it’s still crucial that you keep plenty of fresh water on hand at all times for your cat to help to keep her hydrated!

Especially if she or he has been unwell. As with you, who may not want to drink anything when you’re ill, so too your kitty might shy away from the water dish at such times.

If this happens at your house, it’s important for you to try to come up with different ways that might work to get water into your cat. (more…)

It’s About the Bathtub Drip

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Well, no, the tub doesn’t drip any more. However, the “habit” for the drink is now so ingrained that Mikey and Billy have to have a drink from the tub faucet at least once a day.

Or else!

In fact, Billy has taken to spending a good part of some days in the tub, waiting for me to go into the bathroom, find him there and then turn on the faucet “just so” for him.

Some days, Mikey and Billy will both be in the tub waiting for me to find them.

Oh, and the stream from the faucet has to be just right; it can’t be steady or forceful. It has to be “almost a drip” for Mikey. Billy, however, is agreeable to more than drips. A “stream” for him will do!

Why yes, I do know I have spoiled them; but they’re so cute.

Yours in testing the waters,

and “The Boys”

P.S. So what ways have your spoiled your kitties?

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By the Hair of His Chinny, Chin, Chin

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Bowie seemed like he was under the weather a little bit yesterday, as all he would do is lie around.

Well, he usually does that anyway, but this time it seemed like he was doing it more than other days.

I was especially concerned that he was not drinking his water. I would catch him several times sitting by the water dish, but I never actually saw him drink.

Not even when I would coax him by sloshing the water around in the dish. He just would have none of that!

Then this morning, after he had been up for a bit, and had eaten, I went to give him his “puff” (his inhaler for his asthma). It looked like he had something hanging from his chin.

Closer inspection showed that indeed something was there; he had been drinking his water so much so that his chin hair was all wet, and water was dripping from it.

Yours in getting them to drink,

and “The Boys”

P.S. “The Boys” and I are glad to have you stop by to say hi.

Cat Water Hog, Part 2

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Monday, I started a “three part” blog post series on the “water drinking habits of cats,” otherwise known as the “Cat Water Hog.”

Because my original article was somewhat lengthy, I divided it into three parts and have posted each part on three separate days.

Here then is Part 2:

If your kitty or cat drinks excessively, perhaps it might be:

• Age related
Kitty may have some benign ailment associated with advancing age. Of course, if your kitty is still a “kitty,” an age-related issue could be ruled out quickly by your vet.

Or because of:

• Medication
At the off-chance kitty is taking medication for some reason, he may just be experiencing “dry mouth” caused by the medication. Which in turn may cause him to be more inclined with the need to slobber around in his water.

Or maybe, kitty has:

• Diabetes
Has kitty lost weight in a short amount of time? A cat that spends his days in front of the water dish drinking water may subtly be giving you the message he could have the beginnings of, or a full-blown case of, diabetes.

So, tomorrow, I’ll post the third and final part of this series, on the possible causes of the “water drinking habits of cats.”

Yours in monitoring your kitty’s drinks,

P.S. Perhaps Cat Hairballs: The Dirty Little Secret. might also interest you.

Video source: YouTube

So, have you ever watched a cat drink?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Get Out the Umbrella

We’ve decided we need an umbrella if we’re around when Bowie drinks.

He seems to go through a bit of a ritual; for starters, he usually sits. Then instead of drinking (I believe it’s really called “lapping”) right off, he’ll sit and just look at the water.

If we’re around, we’ll swirl the water around with our fingers so he can see there actually is water in the bowl. Now, he does have good eyesight so we’re not quite sure why he needs to be coaxed; it’s like he has to talk himself into drinking.

When Bowie does start to drink, though, he’ll drink from the part of the bowl that’s the farthest away from him. Which means his tongue splashes the water all over the floor in front of him.

Then afterward when he comes to us to let us see he had his drink, we also see he’s got water drips hanging from his chin!

Yours in watching your furry feline friends drink,


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